[ENG TRANSLATION] Yuzuru Hanyu SharePractice – 20220810

Photo by Yoshiki Kogaito, Sponichi

All articles originally published 10 August 2022

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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Part 1


On August 10th, Yuzuru Hanyu (27), who turned professional having won two Olympics back to back at Sochi in 2014 and Pyeongchang in 2018 for Men’s figure skating, and turned to pro held an open practice called “SharePractice” at Ice Rink Sendai in Sendai City.

練習の様子は、公式YouTubeチャンネル「HANYU YUZURU」でライブ配信。スケート人生の第2章が始まった。

There was a live stream to share the practice session on his official YouTube channel, “HANYU YUZURU”. The second chapter of his skating life has started.


Q&As after the practice are as follows. 


Q: What is your intention of sharing the practice session this time?


Well, first of all, as I start to do the activities as a professional (athlete) from now on, I think there are scarce chances to show my practice sessions, or my challenge for the quad Axel.


However, there are people who want to watch my practices. In that situation, I thought it would be nice if I could create an opportunity for them to watch my athleticism, or should I say, my attitude of continuously pursuing things, which I fundamentally have in myself. That’s why I created this event of sharing my practice session.


Since it has been decided hastily, the programs that I can perform and the music that I can play were quite limited, I think. However, skating clean to SEIMEI with the same layout I did at the Olympics, I mean PyeongChang Olympics, was my goal this time.

And also I find myself having a strong resolution of wanting to prove that I am better than I was at that time. So today, I skated that program until the end.


Q: Why did you choose “SEIMEI” for this practice session?



Actually, people probably have a strong impression of the SEIMEI program that I skated at the PyeongChang Olympics. However, I could not skate it clean at that time, and although there were of course other parts that probably made up for it, I must admit that, given the conditions of my ankle and other things, I could hardly give a performance that I had wanted to do back then.

At that time, the probability of my being able to skate that program clean was not that high, so this time, what I wanted the most is to show that I have become better than myself at that time – that would be the strongest point.


Q: You continuously did (SEIMEI) 3 times, and that made us think it is very unique to Hanyu-san.


Well, actually in my usual practices, I could do it 3 times consecutively. Of course, for example, I would omit some more transitions in between, but I do practice it 3 times in a row, so it was a little closer to what you can see at my usual practice. Well, in fact, I can skate it clean 3 times (laugh). I think there was a part where I was spinning wheels since I was too excited. 


Q: There were more than 100,000 people watching.


Thank you. Well, frankly speaking, regarding the live streaming, I do not use my own music pieces, one thing is that it costs a lot. However, this time, I also wanted to allow everyone to watch for free, so I shared it for free.


In fact, when I think about applying (for the rights to use) the music pieces that I want to use and various other things as well, I think it might cost a much more huge amount of money, so I’ve been thinking a little about what I should do from now on, or how I can do the activities on my channel itself.


But I wanted people to know how Yuzuru Hanyu would basically practice, or, people might have a very brilliant image of figure skating. I want them to see that behind such an image, there is me who looks unrefined and is desperately struggling while practicing. I thought I’d like people who have no interest in figure skating to watch it even a little, and this is the reason I shared my practice session.


Q: You jumped a 4Lo-3T at the beginning of Hope & Legacy. We saw it at the practice, but you haven’t done it in actual competitions. Why did you jump it today?


Well, actually, I wondered which one I should jump, such as a 4Lo, 4Lo-3T, or 4Lo-3A and so on. But this time, my goal was to skate SEIMEI cleanly, so I thought I’d choose somewhere around a 4Lo-3T.


In fact, I’ve been steadily practicing combination jumps with the (quad) Loop, and when I think about whether they have high enough success rate to be put into actual performances, or if I need to do such difficult things in the activities that I’d like to do in future, (I think) I might not need to do them since they are not even beneficial in terms of scores, but I just wanted to show that I have a potential to this level.

Photo by Yoshiki Kogaito, Sponichi

Part 2


What are your thoughts on your home rink in Sendai?


Well, actually, I used to practice quadruple toe loop (in this rink) right behind me, over there, and fell a lot of times. And I’m nostalgic remembering that I used to explain “it falls short of rotation since I do like this, then I fall this way.” In fact, being able to practice here is something special. Of course, I no longer have the chance to practice together with various skaters now. Yet, I still have a special feeling for the fact that I do not have to leave this town and I’m able to continuously brush up my skills by practicing at my home rink. While I want to keep growing here, I’d also like to contribute to this city, and work hard to do many things to support my beloved hometown, even if only a little. 


More than ten years ago, here (at this rink), when you were a small child, you said “I will get a gold medal”. And you did it twice. Looking back, what do you think about it now?


Well…I just came to think that finally I’m standing at the starting line. Now, in front of everyone, for the first time as a professional (athlete), I’m able to show my skating. Then among other things, I think that there’s some meaning as well in the fact that I could skate SEIMEI clean at this very beginning. Of course, Sochi Olympics, PyeongChang Olympics, and Beijing Olympics, all of them are my irreplaceable memories, and have become my experiences as well. Exactly because they were there, now I’m finally at the starting line, and can think that “I’ll be able to become better and better from now on”. So please let me ask for your continuing support.


While some people might say you don’t need to continue challenging the 4A, but you dare to do it. Why?


Well, I usually practice at midnight. So my body did not move as I intended*, and that made me really regretful, but I will practice it more and more, and I absolutely want to show my landing of the 4A. I will continuously work hard for it, as if I bet my life on it. Please support me.

*T/N: According to Nikkan Sports’ article (https://www.nikkansports.com/sports/news/202208100000580.html), this part would mean that “I could not land a 4A today during the day time since I usually practise it at midnight and my body did not move as I intended.”


Is there any activity that you are planning to do in Miyagi prefecture?


At this point, I think this place would be my primary training base. Nevertheless, if people would come here when I’m actually practicing, that might cause trouble for the facility staff, so I beg everyone for your understanding and cooperation especially on that matter. I want to continue practicing here from now on, and above all, if possible, I think I want to do ice shows in Sendai or in Miyagi prefecture. 


Please give a message to the people of Miyagi.


Thank you very much for always supporting me. In addition, regarding the Beijing Olympics, actually I could not land the 4A and could not get a medal either, but yet I saw that everyone kept cheering for me, and while hearing everyone’s voice, honestly, I myself wanted to succeed more and more or wanted to get a result. From now on, I want to have an insatiable appetite for “results” again, including the 4A. I also want to create more opportunities to show my performance in front of everyone, so I’d appreciate it if you are looking forward to it. Thank you.


Why did you choose this rink which is familiar to you, and what are some memories from this  rink? 


OK. Well, this place is… I think probably a different company owned it, and before it was renewed, I started figure skating here. And still now, this is the base of my activities and I mostly practice here. With that in mind, I thought I want to show everyone my practice here. And above all, I love Sendai very much. Honestly, when I moved my practice base to Canada, I went there crying and feeling that I didn’t want to leave Sendai – I love Sendai to that level. So now that I can skate in Sendai, I’m happy. Additionally, I’m thinking of doing various things in Sendai, including my future activities. So I’d like to continue on, together with the people of Sendai.


To the children in Miyagi prefecture.


Honestly, after all, in Sendai, there is only one rink available all through the year. For figure skating, ice hockey, speed skating as well as short track, the practice environment can be said to be severe. I believe you’ve been practicing under such hard conditions – I know well about it since I’ve been practicing here too – in such a harsh environment. Nevertheless, please keep your ambition of getting better and better. I’m also continuously becoming better and better here. You also are skating on the same rink (as me) so I’m sure you can be better. Please have hope, and work hard while envisioning the ideal image of yourselves. Thank you very much.

Part 3


Have you decided your future plans? Are you going to show the 4A in a program?


OK, well, what was to say first? Yes, my future plans. Regarding my future plans, I have more concrete visions for the things that I plan to do within this year to some degree. Actually, there are a few things that I have decided to do, this or that, within this year. And I’m practicing for them now. However, I’m thinking of announcing it at a different time, so it’s still a secret. Hehehe. Yes. About the activities to do within this year, I have a feeling that they will soon  be decided, and they have been put into motion after the press conference so honestly I’m very busy and find it hard to do. Well, as I’d like to work hard on various things even if I have to cut down on my sleep, please look forward to it. 


And then about the 4A, I think it would be great if I’d have a chance to jump it in a program if possible. However, its success rate has not reached that level yet, and honestly speaking, I did it today but the level of the 4 and a half rotation now has reached only the same level as what I did at the Japanese National Championships [in 2021]. But considering my ankle condition, since it is a jump that would put a huge load on my left ankle, in that sense my left ankle has been in a better condition compared to the Japanese Nationals, and also my right ankle has recovered to some degree, so that I can challenge it like this. From now on, I will leverage my experiences from the (Beijing)* Olympics or the experiences as well as the knowledge that I had accumulated by then, so that I will be able to become much better. Thank you.

*T/N: Multiple outlets (Sports Hochi, Nikkan) have reported that Yuzuru says Pyeongchang here but based on the context of what he’s talking about (the 4A) and the fact he corrected himself on a similar mistake a few times in post-presscon media, we believe he meant to say Beijing.


Today, It is half a year after the free skate at the Beijing Olympics. Starting as a professional athlete, what is the difference you feel between them?


Well, after all, while I do the activities as a professional athlete, there are some points that I find different from the competitions. Let me see.. How can I put it…For example, it’s not just doing a 6 minute warmup and then doing one program and finishing up. It’s not only skating for the sake of getting scores, but of course, there is the need to put out a program that everyone would be willing to watch. For me, in addition to that, I think I have to give a performance like SEIMEI which I did today, namely the program that has the same quality, or even higher quality than the ones for the competitions, the performance where I step up a gear. Well, you might have thought while watching my today’s practices, it is much tougher. Hehehe. It is really hard, and, honestly speaking, when I’m trying to build up the structure of my new show* and practicing for it, I’m doing it while feeling that it’s truly tough. But even in such a situation, I want to carry it through until the end without dropping the level (of my performance). So I’d appreciate it if you could look forward to both the style of the coming show and expect an even higher level of explosive power from me. 

*T/N: “New show” would mean the ice shows he is now working on, potentially the ones in Sendai or Miyagi that he referred to in Part 2 of this article series. 


Earlier, you said “I went to Canada while crying”. For 10 years starting from 2012, your coaches in Toronto who have been taking care of you also supported you becoming a professional athlete.   


Oh, in fact I really want to quickly go back to my team I’ve trained and show my appreciation to them. However, as I said earlier, I’m now building up a lot of different plans, or I’ve been shooting and editing YouTube videos. They are really like beginner’s works, but I also think they feel like mine. In that sense, I’ve been kind of running around all over the place and can hardly have a chance to go and meet them, which makes me feel apologetic. Having said that, I received an email from Ghislain again this morning, and he was like “I’m watching you!”. Thinking of their attitudes of trying to watch me until the very end or really sending me various pieces of advice from afar, I really want to go to see them quickly to show my appreciation. 


Ghislain, yes – Ghislain and Tracy and Brian.. I haven’t been able to see them for a very long time, so I really want to go and see my coaches and tell them, “Thank you very much” and “Please support me from now on”. In addition to them, here in Sendai, there is Nanami-sensei who uses this rink as her home base, also Soji-sensei. And I’m wondering if I can get a chance to meet and show my appreciation to Mami-sensei as well as Tsuzuki-sensei. I really want to do so. I wonder if they would watch this (live streaming) video, but in reality, it’s better if I am able to go to see them in person and convey my deep appreciation to them. Hehehe. Oh boy, I really want to see them.

Part 4


Could you tell us a bit about your state of mind after the press conference and the thoughts behind your new jacket?


Firstly, about my jacket: it was a sudden decision to create a new jacket for my new start, and actually, I received it just this morning. So this is a tentative style. From here, I’m thinking of doing various things in future. As for the thoughts behind it, well, I put in the idea of using colors that are a little bit reminiscent of SEIMEI. 


And the next question was.. oh yes, (my state of mind) after the press conference. Well, I’ll tell you that I’ve been spending my days being very nervous until today. Of course, while doing various activities, there are many things that I have to do by myself, I mean, do by myself as a professional athlete. I’ve also taken initiative in doing things that I used to let others do, as well as considering various things. There’re quite a lot of things like that. So it was very hard and I’ve been doing them while thinking that I had to cut down on my sleep a lot. 


However, as for my feelings, I actually think that I even need to practice harder than when I was a competitive skater, and I’ve been actually doing it that way. So let’s say I used to work hard being chased by the things called competitions, but now I feel like I want to go beyond everyone’s expectation. Hehehe. I think that would probably be much harder. But in fact, I’ve actually been able to have fulfilling days in my life. But in such an environment, as a professional athlete… as I have experienced many injuries as a competitor, and after all I cannot be allowed to cancel the event when I become a professional athlete,* and also I don’t want to disappoint the expectations of everyone who is looking forward to watching me. So from now on, as a professional athlete, above all, I will try to avoid getting injured, and will work hard to let everyone watch me perform at a high level every time.

*T/N: It seems he thinks this way for himself. He is not referring to others.


Could you tell us about the reason you named it “SharePractice”, about the decision to take individual interviews (with the media) after the practice session, and also about Ohtani, who is your age and matched Babe Ruth’s great achievement*.

*T/N: the day before this, Shohei Ohtani became the first baseball player after Babe Ruth (1918) in major league history to have at least 10 home runs and 10 wins in the same season.


OK, so first of all, about Ohtani-san. I really appreciate that you gave a comment for me when you did an interview at the All-star Game. Once again, I think you have obtained an unattainably great achievement that seemed impossible in this era. Congratulations to you. I can hardly come close to you, and I’m really honored to be in this “Ohtani generation”*. I’d really like you to work hard as you have been doing, and as I have just stepped up onto the professional stage, I’ll do my best to be able to catch up with Ohtani san. Maybe I cannot, I guess…(laugh). It’d be my pleasure if we can meet again.

*T/N: As Shohei Ohtani and Yuzuru Hanyu were born in the same year (1994) and had remarkable achievements in their respective fields, the media came up with the terms “Hanyu generation” and “Ohtani generation” to show their significance compared to their peers. In interviews, Shohei and Yuzuru often exchanged compliments by acknowledging the other person as the representative of their generation, saying they are only a person living in the other person’s generation.


And then, what was next? Oh, yes, about the interviews, I remember! Regarding the interviews, honestly speaking, I could not receive them individually so often at open practices or during competitions. Well, I can only do the brief ones for each. But I thought I would definitely want to put individual interviews (into this practice session) however difficult it would be, so though originally I was thinking of doing all the interviews in the mixed zone, I insisted on it, saying “please let me do that”, and so I did. I’d be really happy if people from each media company would take their time to write (their own article) about this person called Yuzuru Hanyu. 

で、SharePracticeというものに関しては、えっとー、半角スペース入れないでSharePracticeにしたんですけど。なんか自分の中では一つの単語みたいな感じで、新しい造語みたいな感じで考えてます。えっとー、まあ、最初“公開練習でいいかな”って、なんか『Open Practice』とか『Open Training』とか、いろいろ考えてたんですけど、でもなんか皆さんと共有して、そこで一緒に闘っていけるみたいなものを考えた時に『Share』っていうのが一番自分らしいかなと思って。でも、あの、なんか、これはイベントでありつつも、その闘い抜く姿を見てほしいっていうのもかなり趣旨として、テーマとして大きかったので、練習という単語は絶対に外さずに『SharePractice』という名前に僕が決めました。はい。以上です。ありがとうございます」

Also about the title, “SharePractice”, I decided not to put a space in between (the two words) and made it SharePractice. I think of it as one word, or a newly coined phrase. At first, I thought of “Open Practice”, “Open Training”, and many other phrases. But when I thought about the things that I can own together with everyone and that we can go on fighting together in future, I thought “Share” would be the most suitable one for me. On the other hand, this is an event and at the same time, I want people to watch me fight it out until the end – which is the greatest purpose and theme of this event, so I decided myself to title it “SharePractice” without omitting the word “Practice”. That’s it. Thank you very much.

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