[ENG SUB] Hanyu and Yuzuru – 200204

Part One

Translation: @axelsandwich
Proofreading: @yuzueco
Raw Video: BBI by @aoyuzu205
Transcript: @moonright_yuzu
Sub: @yuzuru_fairy

This is a 3 part video series we will release as it gets translated and subbed. The interview was conducted right after Japanese Nationals in December 2019 but the program was aired in February 2020.

*A note on names: The title of the show is 羽生とゆづる (‘Hanyu and Yuzuru’) and you will see the narrator say that we are getting to know はにゅうゆづる for the first time. This nuance is hard to convey because it doesn’t exist in English but the name is written not in formal kanji (羽生結弦) which is how Yuzuru is known but in hiragana, the ‘easiest’ form of the Japanese alphabet, how children and Yuzu would have first learned to write their name before learning kanji. The feeling is that we are seeing a more personal, ‘private-facing’ and vulnerable side to him. For the sake of translation, the hiragana version will be written ‘Hanyu Yuzuru’ (the Japanese name order) to distinguish the two.

[ENG SUB] Yuzuru Hanyu Interview – Beyond The Wall – 191227

Video aired: 27 December 2019

Translation: @yuzueco and @BlueFlame4Yuzu
Proofreading: @axelsandwich
Raw Video: BBI by @aoyuzu205
Transcript: @moonright_yuzu
Sub: @yuzuru_fairy

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