[ENG TRANSLATION] HANYU YUZURU Youtube ‘2 About the Channel’ – 20220809

Translation & Proofreading: @tsukihoshi14 & @axelsandwich

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This is figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu. Thank you very much for watching. I’m here to announce again that I have launched my official Youtube channel. Thank you for so many subscribers and for leaving such touching comments. I’m very happy and surprised at the same time. I was truly nervous and restless the whole time until the launch of the channel but I didn’t think there would be this many subscribers and I was truly happy to receive comments from people around the world. Thank you very much. 

I will give my all so that from here on, everyone will be happy to watch what is uploaded here so, once more, I ask for your support. 


(Triple Axel)

*About the channel*

On this channel, I’d like to mainly share my skating. I don’t have plans to make videos of my daily life or anything like that but from here on out, I created the channel with the desire to create more opportunities to view my skating. I’d be happy if everyone could find some enjoyment from it. I’m still only planning video (ideas) in my head but I’d like to do some sort of periodic activity that will create the opportunity for everyone to see my performance. 


In terms of the channel name, I decided to write it in romaji ‘Hanyu Yuzuru’, to give a similar feeling to seeing it in competitions. The reason why it’s not ‘Yuzuru Hanyu’ is because I wanted it to feel a little more like that of a Japanese person and more like myself, which is why it’s ‘Hanyu Yuzuru’. Though [uploads] may not be frequent from here on, I would still like to carry out these activities from time to time so please do look forward to it!


(Triple Lutz)

*About the Logo*

Have you taken a look at the logo and the header yet? I hope that you like them. Actually, I’ve thought a lot about it and looked at the logos of different people as well, but I couldn’t do it myself though I’ve tried many things, so in the end I created it with the help of a professional.

It looks very cool and trendy, and truthfully, I myself wondered if it’s okay to be responsible for something this grand. 

About the markings on the logo, actually, they’re the markings from when I do my spins and jumps. I sent photos of them and (the logo) is drawn based on those photos. I think it feels very real and cool. I’m really thankful (to those who created it). I jumped the Axel (for the header). I’d be happy if you like it.


(Back Scratch Upright Spin)

*A final note*

What did you think about that? 

Having opened this channel, there might not be more videos like this in the future, but I’d like to create videos and streams of skating performances and practices on this channel. It’d make me very happy if you look forward to it.


*August 10th SharePractice around 12PM*

Also, it’s happening really soon, but at around 12pm, August 10th, I’m holding a public practice session called “SharePractice”. We plan to have people from the media joining as well, but on this channel, it’ll be an hour including me warming up, putting on my shoes, getting ready, getting onto the ice and practicing. I plan to do that. And I want to stream that on this channel as well.

For anyone who has the time and is interested, I hope that you will watch it.

In the future, I’ll put out performances so that you’ll be glad that I created this channel. I’ll put in all of my efforts and do my very best going forward. I hope you will enjoy it. That’s all, thank you very much.

(Quadruple toe-loop)

Green text: From here on out, I’ll give it my all. Though I’ve got a long way to go, I ask for your support!

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We are the Axel with Wings translation team, made up of fans of Yuzuru Hanyu. We hope to share videos of him and Japanese figure skating content with more people around the world. We aim to do our best to accurately capture the spirit of what's said. Hope you enjoy our videos and other contents.

5 thoughts on “[ENG TRANSLATION] HANYU YUZURU Youtube ‘2 About the Channel’ – 20220809”

  1. Much appreciation for your rapid fire translations! we are so lucky! You’ll have your work cut out for you if Yuzu keeps gifting us with these videos!


  2. I can’t find your translation in the comments on Hanyu’s YouTube video any more.

    Charlotte Thompson

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  3. Thank you so much for your excellent translations. I really appreciate your efforts. I have been told that translating from Japanese to English is particularly difficult and I have read some translations from Japanese to English that honestly don’t make any sense.
    Best wishes from Australia 🇦🇺


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