What’s the best way to contact the AWW team?

Please DM us on Twitter @axelwithwings, we do not check the inbox every day but will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I translate your videos into other languages?

Generally, yes but please DM us first, now that Youtube does not allow community contributions for closed captioning. Please do NOT repost our videos with your own subtitles added without permission.

Can I use your translation as a reference to translate into my own language?

Generally yes. However, please ensure that you make it extremely clear at the top of your translation of the third hand translation (eg. JPN -> ENG -> ESP). Please ensure you credit Axel with Wings in full – linking to http://www.axelwithwings.com and to our original translation you were working from – link to the blog post here or to our tweet is sufficient. ‘Team AWW’/’AWW’ is not sufficient as it does not allow anyone to check the original source material. We also appreciate a DM on Twitter linking to your completed work.

Can I use a line from your translation for my own fan art, fan video or fan project? Can I post a clip from your translated videos with the subtitles on Twitter?

Generally yes – please ensure provide you credit to us and a link to the original source of the full translation (link to a blog post on this website), ideally in the original tweet or post, and not as a reply.

For Twitter: We would prefer retweets and embedded tweets instead of re-uploads, and same rules for credit apply. Please ensure that if you are posting short clips from our translated videos that you please link the full blog post/video. Not necessary but appreciated: a DM on Twitter linking to your post.

Can I share your translations (text/videos) on Instagram/Facebook/TikTok/Reddit or other forums?

We would prefer that you share links to our blog posts or tweets only and do not repost translated video clips or images. It is essential to provide a link back to the full video and/or blog post in the post copy and credit http://www.axelwithwings.com.

We only allow specific Instagram accounts to repost our translations. Please DM us on Twitter for more details.

If you see someone reposting our translated videos or translations without credit, we would appreciate if you could politely inform them in the comments and link the original video, and let us know via DM.

Can I use your translations in media articles?

Please DM us on Twitter if you wish to use excerpts of our articles in any form of media from accredited skating media bodies and we can discuss. We do not allow it otherwise even if credit is provided.