What’s the best way to contact the AWW team?

Please DM us on Twitter @axelwithwings, we will try to check the inbox more regularly.

Can I translate your videos into other languages?

Generally, yes! For Youtube videos, we have community contributions open on the video, which means you can add Youtube Closed Captions in other languages directly on it. We welcome you doing so – if you DM us, we will also update our followers that it is available in your language. If any video isn’t accepting CC, DM us and we will unlock it.

If the video is uploaded to Dailymotion or places without subtitles, please contact us first. Please do NOT repost our videos with your own subtitles added without permission.

Can I share your videos on Instagram/Facebook/forums or other social media?

You’re welcome to share links to our blog posts or Dailymotion/Youtube links. We would prefer people do not cut/repost clips from translated videos but if you do, please ensure you provide a link back to the full video or blog post in the body of your post and credit http://www.axelwithwings.com. We do this to try and ensure quotes are not taken out of context and so people can always watch the full video if they’re curious.