[ENG SUB] Yuzuru Hanyu TV Asahi Special – ‘The Never-Ending Challenges’ 羽生結弦 感動をありがとう – 20220723

Part 1

Part 2

Warning: There is footage from the Cup of China 2014 accident in Part 2

Part 3

JPN Transcript: @aoyuzu205, @moonright_yuzu, @_1142cla_ra5685, @XtYwp15RJJjAhKv, @ballade_one, @euBYRocgL6hgbeV, @Vv3fcWGcqtINYOK, @nhl0hfMfPBM9FwX
Translation: @tsukihoshi14, AFT, @axelsandwich,
Proofreading: @marika_yuzu, @yuzueco
Sub (Part 1): @elaine_dunwoody
Sub (Part 2): @anjaheyheyhey
Sub (Part 3): @istanleyff7

This 1.5hr special is subbed and uploaded in 3 parts.

A note on suffixes: Generally, an athlete who retires from competition stops being referred to with the suffix ‘senshu’ (選手) in Japan and instead is called ‘san’ (さん). In the spirit of preserving this meaningful nuance and in recognition of his intention to continue being an athlete, we have kept this suffix as-is in translations of all media coverage of Yuzuru’s professional athlete announcement.

Guide to subtitle colors and hosts
Momo Ando (female announcer)/TV Asahi Narration: Black text on white background
Matsuoka Shuzo: Dark blue with white background
Yuzuru Hanyu: Light-blue with black background
Shizuka Arakawa: Lilac with black background
Nobunari Oda: Black with light-grey background
Shigeo Takahashi: Brown on black background
Other clips/people: White text with black background

[!!!] Please do not edit or re-upload. If you would like to share our content, credit or link to the official account, thank you

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We are the Axel with Wings translation team, made up of fans of Yuzuru Hanyu. We hope to share videos of him and Japanese figure skating content with more people around the world. We aim to do our best to accurately capture the spirit of what's said. Hope you enjoy our videos and other contents.

7 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] Yuzuru Hanyu TV Asahi Special – ‘The Never-Ending Challenges’ 羽生結弦 感動をありがとう – 20220723”

  1. Thank you so so much for the translation! As usual, such a professional endeavour! You are a blessing for us fanyus lacking of any Japanese language knowledge or ability! Thanks again for your time, energy and talent!


  2. Thank you so, so much, AWW team. Your translations are truly a labour of love. Please know that international fanyus are always grateful! 😍🥰 Arigatogozaimashita!


  3. Thank you so much AWW Team! Because of your English translation I’m get to understand and looking forward Yuzus news. Appreciates and grateful very much , we love Yuzu and AWW Team! Gambate!


  4. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your brilliant translations of the videos. It is always a joy to learn more about our dear Yuzuru. He is an extraordinarily talented figure skater (certainly the GOAT) but more than this he is an inspirational person. Your translations captured all this as well as his wonderful sense of humour.
    Best wishes from Australia 🇦🇺


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