[ENG SUB & TRANSLATION] Yuzuru Hanyu & Shizuka Arakawa – Post FS Interview – 20220210

JPN Transcript: @ballade_one, @_1142cla_ra5685, @moonright_yuzu, @aoyuzu205
Translation: @axelsandwich
Proofreading: @smpkyk
Subbing: @jwwmochi

The mixed zone exchange was reported also in this article (first published 10 February 2022), including parts that did not air in the TV segment. We have therefore translated the article as well, including additional parts not covered in the video.


When Arakawa said, “You’ve worked hard. The road to this Olympics must be filled with various thoughts–”, Hanyu replied, “Ah… sorry, please wait…” and turned to face the wall. 


Saying, “I shouldn’t have looked at Shi-chan’s* face…”, he held back his tears and resumed the interview saying, “Okay! Yes!”


S: I think this must be an Olympics filled with many feelings. What kind of feelings did you take up this fight with?


Y: Ahh… to be honest, I’m kuyashii. I’ve spent these 3 days wondering why my efforts weren’t rewarded. I really tried so hard, suffered, though honestly, I didn’t know whether that suffering has been rewarded here or not. But regarding the results of the competition, it’s not the one I had aimed for, and truthfully I could not leave anything here at all. But if, unrelated to victory or loss, everyone felt a moment in their hearts that ‘ah, Yuzuru Hanyu’s skating was good’, I think there might be meaning to trying hard and skating today, in that alone.


S: Within all the things you wanted to protect, this was an Olympics themed around a challenge. Within all the 4A attempts we saw in practice, I felt the best one was the one you put out in competition, but how was the challenge in regards to your quadruple Axel?


Y: Truly… I thought ah, competitions are fun. You get a huge adrenaline rush, and of course, I did it without feeling any sensation in my right foot, but I think it’s precisely because of that that I put out [that performance]. I truly relied on various people’s strength, including those caring for my body. I probably also drew on the power of various gods, and it finally resulted in my performance today, so I’m really thankful to everyone.


S: It was an all-out performance until the end. Were you able to put your heart and soul into it?


Y: I feel like that ‘Ten to Chi to’ existed precisely because there were those two mistakes and that quad Axel. I think, instead of coming undone, I was able to properly skate and show all the emotions and the entire story until the end. 

 ◇   ◇   ◇   ◇


At the end, when Arakawa told Hanyu, “In such a huge battle, please absolutely give yourself some praise”, we saw a huge smile on Hanyu’s face. 


And then he replied, with an even bigger smile, “I can’t give myself praise but I would like to receive praise from someone else!”

Laughing, the interview ended.

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