[ENG TRANSLATION] Yuzuru Hanyu Beijing Winter Olympics First Practice Interview – 20220207

<北京五輪・フィギュア>北京入り後、初練習する羽生(撮影・小海途 良幹)
Photo by Yoshiki Kogaito, Sponichi

Article originally published 7 February 2022

Translation: @axelsandwich, @shinjistarxx
Proofreading: @tsukihoshi14



Q: Your first practice is over

A: Thank you for your hard work! U~m, I was really able to concentrate, I think. Of course, I was more nervous at the start, eh… but I was kind of trying to adjust to the feel of the ice. I think I was able to internally adjust, little by little, and ultimately was able to focus while practising. I think it was a good feeling. 



Q: Were you able to get to the bottom of the 4A?

Y: Well, of course… um, I think my condition changes every day, and also, this is the first practice after arriving so I feel like I’m not doing it with all my strength yet. But little by little, I hope I’ll make some improvements even here (at the Olympics).. 



Q: What have you been putting your efforts into since the Japanese National Championships?

Y: Well, indeed, I’ve been practising the 4A. Well, I practised it while thinking that it’s really hard. However, it is, after all, the goal I want to achieve no matter what. Well, for me personally, I think it’s absolutely necessary for me to rise to the top at this Olympics. I’ll do my best. 



Q: This being your third Olympics, what’s different from the past ones?

Y: Well. In all the previous Olympics, I went in thinking something like if I just put out what I had been practising and doing up until then, I’d be able to win. But this time, I’m in a position where I still have to up my level. In a sense, it’s similar to [what I said] at Japanese Nationals but, I think the tension of a stage such as the Olympics is indeed something unique.



Q: Have you succeeded [in landing] the 4A yet?

Y: Hm~ I haven’t yet. Anyway, um, since I’ve come here I’ve been feeling pretty good, and today I was able to practice while feeling that my rotations were coming pretty easily. First and foremost, I want to rotate [the jump] fully.



Q: What was motivating about the team competition?

Y: Ah, um, well rather than encouraging, I felt relieved thinking that the rink seemed to be in good shape.



Q: Regarding the Short Program

Y: The Short Program? Hehehe. The Short…well. Of course, I’m thinking rationally about it, and I end up thinking a lot about the 4A. But the Short Program is the Short Program. I’d like to really pour a lot of love into the Short… um…yes, one by one, I’d like to accumulate everything I can, heading into the Short Program

*T/N: The original article said 4A4A but we think it was a typo



Q (In English): [Brian] Orser is not by the rink with you

Y: Ah – um, I will answer in Japanese. Um. Brain, Ghislain [Briand] and Tracy [Wilson] are properly watching over me. This time, they themselves said that they’d like to respect my routine.

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