[ENG TRANSLATION] A Feasibility Study on Utilization in Figure Skating by A Wireless Inertia Sensor Motion Capture System, Yuzuru Hanyu – 20210318

Original journal article was first published 18 March 2021

Translation: @shinjistarxx
Proofreading: @yuzueco & @axelsandwich

This is an unofficial fan translation from Japanese to English by the Axel with Wings team of a part of Yuzuru Hanyu’s thesis that was edited for an article in Waseda University’s Journal of Human Sciences for a special feature. We are not professional translators, though we have taken as much care as possible in ensuring the translation is accurate, and would therefore advise all readers to keep this in mind. Please send us a DM if you spot any errors. 

The Axel with Wings team are very proud of Yuzuru’s research and believe that its significant contribution to figure skating academia should be shared with an international audience, who are currently limited by the language barrier. The translation source material is a free, publicly available excerpt of the thesis (here) and the translation has been done in that same spirit of sharing academic research and study. 

We are aware that derivative works are generally subject to copyright law. However, we have made the translation available as an interim measure as we believe that it is unlikely there will be an authorised English translation and we are unable to contact the relevant copyright holders. We hope this translation will be taken in good faith and with the same spirit that allows fans of figure skating from all different countries to share news and information with each other that they would otherwise not have access to because of language barriers. If an official English translation becomes available or we are contacted by the copyright holder, we will remove access to this translation immediately and request all downloaded copies be deleted as well. 

The Axel with Wings translation team seeks no monetary gain from their work. If you have paid any other third party for access to this document, you have been scammed. 

However, if you would like to recognise the time and effort that has gone into this, we would be very happy if you will consider making an optional donation to charities that support the recovery of the Tohoku region, which has always been a cause important to Yuzuru. Some of our recommendations are AAR Japan for the Tohoku area or Japan Platform.

Please do NOT reupload the PDF, re-translate in another language, quote excerpts of this translation in any media article or share screenshots of the translation on any social platform without prior permission. You must contact the Axel With Wings Twitter (@axelwithwings) first via DM. We will not be allowing reposts on Instagram or Facebook as a blanket rule but you may share the URL of this blog post. If you spot any unauthorised reposts, please contact us ASAP.  

By agreeing to click through to download the document and all the secondary translations based off ours, you are acknowledging you agree to all of the above points.

Please DM the Axel With Wings on Twitter with any further questions.


Vietnamese translation by @heyitsheunn

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We are the Axel with Wings translation team, made up of fans of Yuzuru Hanyu. We hope to share videos of him and Japanese figure skating content with more people around the world. We aim to do our best to accurately capture the spirit of what's said. Hope you enjoy our videos and other contents.

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