[ENG SUB] Yuzuru Hanyu’s message prior to the World Team Trophy 2021 – 210406

Translation: @shinjistarxx
Proofreading: @yuzueco, @axelsandwich
Raw video + sub: @aoyuzu205

Transcript: Yuzuru Hanyu’s comments before World Team Trophy 2021

Source: https://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2021/04/05/kiji/20210405s00079000602000c.html


The athletes of Team Japan participating in this year’s World Team Trophy (Osaka) released comments on April 5th. Sochi & Pyeongchang Olympics Gold Medalist Yuzuru Hanyu (ANA), who will be participating in WTT for the 3rd time, expressed his thoughts [through a written message in which he wrote], “May I become a light for someone,” and also provided the following comments:



Yuzuru: In travelling to various places recently, there are not many people out and about, and I felt strongly that there are a lot of people who are out of work and are in difficult circumstances.

However, even amidst that, the people I’ve met, those who reach out to me—of course, I can’t say that this past World Championships was at all a good performance— but even so, when I receive words from people like “you gave me courage,” or am called the “light of hope,” I feel that even if I don’t get good results, or even if it’s not convincingly a good performance (for me), maybe it can be for someone else. I want to carry that in my heart through my performances and so that’s why I chose this phrase.

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