[ENG SUB] Yuzuru Hanyu – FS TV Japanese Nationals Interview Clip – 210307

Translation: @axelsandwich
Proofreading: @yuzueco & @shinjistarxx
Raw Video + Japanese Transcript: BBI by @aoyuzu205
Sub: @yuzuru_fairy


From an interview given 28 December 2020, first broadcast 7 March 2021.


Yes… the World Championships don’t really feel real yet. Well there was the World Championships representatives press conference and the things I said there were not at all false, and I attended that press conference feeling as if I am really a Worlds (team) representative.


The fact I skated and fought through to the very end of the Japanese National Championships has become an important memory, something that won’t disappear.


However, assuming the World Championships will still be happening, what we have to face until then is, without doubt, the coronavirus with society as a whole.


The first thing is to stay healthy and there’s nothing I’d like more than to be able to quickly see and live in a world where we can go on with our (normal) athlete (activities), so I’d like to spend my time working towards that.


The kind of performance I want to show, and the things I want to express, ultimately, I cannot do any of that without being healthy. So firstly, I’d like to take good care of my body and also the people around me. I want to contribute what I can, as seriously as I can and with pride, in order to protect figure skating, which itself is something precious to me.

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