[ENG TRANSLATION] Development of Figure Skating by Hanyu’s influence in Peru.


↑Original article 16.10.2017 Mainichi Shinbun

 2017年10月16日  毎日新聞

Sisters posing in front of Hanyu’s picture.  The longing for figure skating powerhouse Japan is strong.


In Peru, South America, there are young people who have the dream of participating in Olympic figure skating someday. The skating class started with five skaters and exceeded 150 in just five years.


They use rinks that are only half the size of international standards, but a bright and cheerful challenge proceeds under a leader who has the unique background of having competed in the roller skating world championship.

Children’s voices echo in the play facilities in the center of Lima.  It’s the first permanent rink in the country, Iceland Park, which was completed in 2011.

「日本から来たの? ここでユヅル・ハニュー(羽生結弦)を知らない人はいないよ」。日本から見て地球の反対側にある国の子どもたちが口々に14年ソチ五輪の男子金メダリストに親しみを込めていた。
“Did you come from Japan?  There’s no one here who doesn’t know about Yuzuru Hanyu.”  Children from countries on the other side of the globe from Japan are familiar with the 2014 Sochi Olympic men’s gold medalist.


Argentinian Sergio Lois (37) was invited to lead classes in 2012.  Skating classes began with teaching basic technique.

The turning point was the South American Championship, hosted by clubs from 5 different nations , which was held for the first time in 2015.


This was cooperation among countries that are not familiar with figure skating, and creating opportunities for international competitions for skaters. 

In Peru, the skaters gained confidence with gold medals at each level.  Approximately 40 people will participate in the event in Ecuador this November.


Himena Olmaturia (17), who won the first competition, is very passionate about skating:  “Peru is a nation known for being good at football or volleyball. I wanted to try a different sport.  I feel like I am flying when I skate in the rink.”


However, it is difficult to say that the facility is suitable to prepare for the Olympics.  It is 32 meters in length and 14 meters in width – about half of the international standard (60 meters by 30 meters), which is considered desirable for the Olympics and other competitions.  Covered with a vinyl curtain, it is not a completely indoor facility. Water drips from the ceiling, hitting the ice.



Even though the government provides uniforms, it doesn’t allow the establishment of a federation because the facility is a private entity.  For this reason, Peru is not a member of the International Skating Union (ISU).

Their technical skills are also similar to the level of beginners in Japan. Olmaturia, one of the top skaters, has learned to 4 single jumps out of the 6 types of jumps. More than half of the skaters have less than a year of competitive experience.  


Still, they are full of passion.  In the choreographic practice, while music flows, the atmosphere becomes lively like at a real competition and the skaters’ motivations rise up. An expensive apparatus for practicing jumps was handmade by a supporter.


Mr. Lois, who teaches the skaters, talked about his dream.  “Practice environment, great talent, discipline – Japan has everything necessary for competition.  Even if it takes 10 or 20 years, I would like my skaters to win the Olympics and world championships like Japanese skaters.”

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  1. Thank you for providing translations of a variety of sources. It’s wonderful to see how people around the world relate to Yuzuru Hanyu.


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