[ENG SUB] Yuzuru Hanyu x Kohei Uchimura – 20230114

JPN Transcript: @aoyuzu205, @nhl0hfMfPBM9FwX
Translation & Proofreading: @axelsandwich, @tsukihoshi14, AFT, @marika_yuzu
Sub: @elaine_dunwoody

[!!!] Please do not edit or re-upload. If you would like to share our content, credit or link to the official account, thank you

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We are the Axel with Wings translation team, made up of fans of Yuzuru Hanyu. We hope to share videos of him and Japanese figure skating content with more people around the world. We aim to do our best to accurately capture the spirit of what's said. Hope you enjoy our videos and other contents.

2 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] Yuzuru Hanyu x Kohei Uchimura – 20230114”

  1. Thank you so so much for the english subtitles/interpretation. It was so interesting and delightful to watch and listen to this amazing conversation between the two GOATS❤️


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