[ENG TRANSLATION] Development of Figure Skating by Hanyu’s influence in Peru.


↑Original article 16.10.2017 Mainichi Shinbun

 2017年10月16日  毎日新聞

Sisters posing in front of Hanyu’s picture.  The longing for figure skating powerhouse Japan is strong.


In Peru, South America, there are young people who have the dream of participating in Olympic figure skating someday. The skating class started with five skaters and exceeded 150 in just five years.


They use rinks that are only half the size of international standards, but a bright and cheerful challenge proceeds under a leader who has the unique background of having competed in the roller skating world championship.

Children’s voices echo in the play facilities in the center of Lima.  It’s the first permanent rink in the country, Iceland Park, which was completed in 2011.

「日本から来たの? ここでユヅル・ハニュー(羽生結弦)を知らない人はいないよ」。日本から見て地球の反対側にある国の子どもたちが口々に14年ソチ五輪の男子金メダリストに親しみを込めていた。
“Did you come from Japan?  There’s no one here who doesn’t know about Yuzuru Hanyu.”  Children from countries on the other side of the globe from Japan are familiar with the 2014 Sochi Olympic men’s gold medalist.


Argentinian Sergio Lois (37) was invited to lead classes in 2012.  Skating classes began with teaching basic technique.

The turning point was the South American Championship, hosted by clubs from 5 different nations , which was held for the first time in 2015.


This was cooperation among countries that are not familiar with figure skating, and creating opportunities for international competitions for skaters. 

In Peru, the skaters gained confidence with gold medals at each level.  Approximately 40 people will participate in the event in Ecuador this November.


Himena Olmaturia (17), who won the first competition, is very passionate about skating:  “Peru is a nation known for being good at football or volleyball. I wanted to try a different sport.  I feel like I am flying when I skate in the rink.”


However, it is difficult to say that the facility is suitable to prepare for the Olympics.  It is 32 meters in length and 14 meters in width – about half of the international standard (60 meters by 30 meters), which is considered desirable for the Olympics and other competitions.  Covered with a vinyl curtain, it is not a completely indoor facility. Water drips from the ceiling, hitting the ice.



Even though the government provides uniforms, it doesn’t allow the establishment of a federation because the facility is a private entity.  For this reason, Peru is not a member of the International Skating Union (ISU).

Their technical skills are also similar to the level of beginners in Japan. Olmaturia, one of the top skaters, has learned to 4 single jumps out of the 6 types of jumps. More than half of the skaters have less than a year of competitive experience.  


Still, they are full of passion.  In the choreographic practice, while music flows, the atmosphere becomes lively like at a real competition and the skaters’ motivations rise up. An expensive apparatus for practicing jumps was handmade by a supporter.


Mr. Lois, who teaches the skaters, talked about his dream.  “Practice environment, great talent, discipline – Japan has everything necessary for competition.  Even if it takes 10 or 20 years, I would like my skaters to win the Olympics and world championships like Japanese skaters.”

[ENG TRANSLATION] Yuzuru Hanyu x Waseda Sports Part 3 – Excerpt from Press Conference Announcing the Japanese Representatives

This is Part 3 of 3 of an article from Wasedasports.com published on 24 December 2019 which is a collection of excerpts from different interviews that Yuzuru Hanyu gave after the Japanese Nationals. Part 3 is an excerpt from the press conference after announcing the Japanese representatives who will be participating in the Four Continents Championship and the World Championship. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

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You have been chosen as a representative for the World Championships. Please tell us how you feel now.


First of all, since I was chosen for the World Championship, it may take time to decide how much I can do from now on, and there are things that will take time and things that does not take much time , and I want to properly build on both of those and return to my strongest self for Worlds and fight.


It is rare for you to participate in the Four Continents Championships, why did you decide to do it? Also, there were many challenges this year, how will you face these two competitions coming up?


First of all , I applied to participate in the Four Continents because I want to tackle that competition with all my might. Of course I have a strong desire to get the title and am aiming for it, but somehow I feel that as a step, participating in Four Continents might help me grow, so I submitted the request. And it’s the same for this competition as well, I experience various things through the competitions and I think I can once again absorb many experiences and become stronger from them. Also I think it would be good if I could do simulations and other competitions, and truly think about and do various things, not only just Four Continents and the World Championships. Four Continents is one of my walls. I might compete with Nathan there, but for now, there is a wall called “Shoma”, whom I lost to, so I want to prepare myself and fight fully in my best condition.


As you will be participating in the Four Continents Championships, I wonder if you will spend less time practicing new jumps. What do you think about that?


By going to the Four Continents, I would like to make it a step towards learning it. Well I don’t have to say what “it” (4A) is, you understand. I really need an absolutely strong weapon now. Of course, there’s only about one point difference with the 4Lz, so is it worth it, or is it worth doing, or is it better to do the 4Lz twice? I’ve actually considered that. But this pertains to my personal pride, after all. It is a core (desire) which supports my skating now, so I definitely want to do it. With that in mind, I thought about my approach to the Four Continents, thinking of Four Continents as a place to see how much I have been able to progress, and submitted my request to participate this time.


About the jumps that were not included in the layout in this competition, what are your thoughts about doing them in future competitions?


First of all, about the SP, the first half of the program is not set in stone, I’d like to think about how to adjust the music and how to jump in the best way to achieve the best rate of success and beauty and figure out how to jump so that it is blended in with the program. I don’t intend to do this layout for the FS at all, so I have to think about what I should prioritise from now on. If I prioritise jumping the 4Lz, I think it will certainly be more stable if I jump it as the first jump. So should I do that? Or if I really want to jump the 4A and get to the level that I can put that in the program, what should I do after the 4A? If I do the Lutz after the Axel, it would definitely be a big burden, so I have to think about those things one by one. However, I think the meaning of putting 4A in is to increase the types of quad jumps, so if I can’t make good use of it, I don’t think it’s worth doing it, and I also feel that I have to build a strong foundation in order to achieve that.

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[ENG TRANSLATION] Yuzuru Hanyu x Waseda Sports Part 1 – Excerpt from Group Interview

This is Part 1 of 3 of an article from Wasedasports.com published on 24 December 2019 which is a collection of excerpts from different interviews that Yuzuru Hanyu gave after the Japanese Nationals. Part 1 is an excerpt from a group interview. Parts 2 and 3 to come.

Translation: @yuzueco
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What did you think of today’s free program ?


Well, I feel that I am weak. I said this two weeks before (at GPF) as well, but I feel that I am weak.


You participated in the Japanese nationals for the first time in four years and many fans were cheering you on passionately.


So many people were cheering me on and giving me power until the end despite my poor performance. I fell on the very last jump, but I think I gritted my teeth and did it. I can only say that I appreciate that they watched my performance until the end.


Your next competition is the World Championships.


It is…I’m not sure which competition I am going to participate in yet, but I am really weak now. There is no way that I can compete well without landing the quad loop and the toe loop, and also the triple axel, there’s truly no way. I am very unsatisfied with my current self. I’m kuyashii. If there is another chance, I will work hard for the next competition.


What’s your thoughts on how to become stronger?


I don’t know. I think I was doing the best I could do, I felt good until the 6 min warm up, and the feeling was not that bad. It was like I could feel the dissonance between my mental and physical condition


What’s your thoughts on your layout this time?


I made the mistake of popping the opening  Lutz and then I thought of many possibilities. About where I could make my recovery jump. But I don’t think I had the physical strength to make such a recovery. Really, I was thinking it’s meaningless even if I made that kind of recovery. So I’m not sure. I can’t sort out my thinking. But now Shoma is finally back on track and to be honest, I am happy about it. This is the first time that I lost to him properly. I’m very happy about it. It’s difficult to describe what kind of happiness that is. But somehow, I feel relieved.


Is the exhaustion in your feet the reason for your mistake on the Lutz ?


Well…how can I say…what I thought about the image and..Hmm, whatever I say will sound like I’m making excuses for that mistake so I truly hate that. My honest feeling is that I don’t want to say anything. 


What was your feeling about the ice?


It was okay, and I think it was a difficult situation until the end for me but the ice was in good condition, so I want to thank the people who maintain that ice rink.


 It is quite shocking for us to hear Hanyu, who has lost, say, “I am relieved.” It’s been a while since you’ve lost to a Japanese skater, how do you feel about it? 


I’ve been seeing Shoma struggling for a long time, but to see that he has finally settled down and can focus on skating makes me happy. I’d like him to keep working hard in his own way, as my junior. I want to cheer him on from the bottom of my heart.


You lost at the GPF and the Japanese Nationals, does that experience reduce the pressure on you?


It doesn’t matter that I lost to the Japanese skater or whom I lost to, I always think that I want to win no matter what. Of course I couldn’t do my best here, but I tried with all my might. So it’s not something like I was released from the pressure. I have a firm conviction in myself or something like pride in myself. I think Shoma can say that he is the “Japanese National Champion” proudly from now on. Because this year, I competed as well. So I think maybe I will chase him and threaten him a little from behind.


Were there any signs that things might not go well before FS?


The adjustment didn’t go well throughout. I felt like my body was getting worse day by day. I noticed something was strange even before the SP. But even so, I am privileged to receive support from many people and I adjusted my body condition to the best that it could be at that point, then it turned out like that. So to be honest, I think my skill and ability was not enough. But I think I gave it everything I had


――It seemed that you lost your concentration after you made a mistake, but what was the situation?

びっくりしちゃって、自分の中で。「あれ?」って。感覚と本当に乖離していたんですよ。いまも乖離しているんですけど。自分の言動がどうなっているかはっきり言って全然わからない。気持ちと喋っていることも別々になっているところが多々あるし……。でもやっぱりイメージと自分の身体のキレみたいなものは分離はしていて、 体力のあるうち、ショートとかだったらなんとかなったと思うのですが、どうしようもないところが出てしまったのかなという風には思います。でも、はっきり言ってしまえば競泳の選手なんかは何レースもやるわけですし。内容は違うかもしれないけど。そういうのに比べてみたら僕なんか5週間で3回しか試合していないし。それでこのくらいの体力しかないのかって。本当に自分が力使って跳んじゃっているんだなというのと、もっと力を抜いて自分らしいいいジャンプが跳べるようにしないといけないな、というのをいまは考え始めました。諦めてはいないです。本当に、最後まで死に物狂いでやっていました。そうじゃなきゃフリップ(4回転トーループ―オイラー―3回転フリップの3回転フリップ)跳ばないです、あそこ。

I was surprised, in my mind. Like “What’s going on?”. It was really different from what I was feeling. And it still is now. I can’t tell at all what is happening to my behavior to be honest. There are many areas where my feelings and what I am talking about feel like they’ve become separate things. But still, what I had envisioned and the sharpness of my body’s reaction is different. Maybe it was manageable when I was doing the SP and had physical strength left, but there’s nothing I can do about it and it was all shown in my performance (in FS). But if I’ll be honest, for example, swimmers do many races. Though the circumstances might be different. If I compare with those swimmers, I only participated in 3 competitions within 5 weeks. Then I only have this much physical power left. So now I’ve begun to think that I really use so much power to do my jumps and I have to be able to do a good jump in my own style while saving more energy. I didn’t give up. I really fought till the end with everything I had left. If I hadn’t, I would not have done the 3F (4T-1Eu-3F instead of 3S) at that point.

Source: http://wasedasports.com/news/20191224_124725/

[ENG SUB] Yuzuru Hanyu Interview – Beyond The Wall – 191227

Video aired: 27 December 2019

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