[ENG SUB] Yuzuru Hanyu – S-PARK Japanese Nationals Free Skate Commentary – 201227

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[ENG SUB] Yuzuru Hanyu – World Team Selection Press Conference – 201227

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src: Sponichi article published 27 December 2020


ă€€ă€Œäž–ç•Œéžæ‰‹æš©ä»ŁèĄšă«éžă°ă‚ŒăŸă—ăŸă€çŸœç”Ÿç”ćŒŠă§ă™ă€‚ä»Šć›žă€äž–ç•Œéžæ‰‹æš©ăźä»ŁèĄšăšă„ă†ăźăŻă€ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šć…šæ—„æœŹăźçŽ‹è€…ăšă—ăŠèĄŒăäž–ç•Œéžæ‰‹æš©ă«ăȘă‚‹ăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ăźă§ă€ă—ăŁă‹ă‚Šăšæ—„æœŹä»ŁèĄšăšă—ăŠă€ăŸăšăŻă€ăŸă‚ă„ă‚ă‚“ăȘäž–ăźäž­ăźæƒ…ć‹ąă‚ă‚ŠăŸă™ă‘ă‚Œă©ă‚‚ă€ăŸăšæ—„æœŹä»ŁèĄšăźæ—„æœŹäșșた1äșșăšă—ăŠă€èƒžă‚’ćŒ”ăŁăŠăăźè©Šćˆă§èĄŒć‹•ă§ăă‚‹ă‚ˆă†ă«ă—ăŠă„ăăŸă„ăȘă€‚ăăźäžŠă§ă„ă„æŒ”æŠ€ă‚‚ă—ăŁă‹ă‚Šăšă‚„ăŁăŠă€ă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ćŒ—äșŹă‚ȘăƒȘăƒłăƒ”ăƒƒă‚Żă«ć‘ă‘ăŠăźæž ă‚‚æ‡žă‹ăŁăŠăă‚‹ăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ă—ă€ć…šćŠ›ă§è‡Ș戆ぼćœčć‰Čă‚’ăŸăŁăšă†ă—ăŸă„ăȘăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă€


Q: Your feelings on being chosen as a representative [to the World Championships]

ă€Œäž–ç•Œéžæ‰‹æš©ä»ŁèĄšă«éžă°ă‚ŒăŸă—ăŸă€çŸœç”Ÿç”ćŒŠă§ă™ă€‚ä»Šć›žă€äž–ç•Œéžæ‰‹æš©ăźä»ŁèĄšăšă„ă†ăźăŻă€ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šć…šæ—„æœŹăźçŽ‹è€…ăšă—ăŠèĄŒăäž–ç•Œéžæ‰‹æš©ă«ăȘă‚‹ăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ăźă§ă€ă—ăŁă‹ă‚Šăšæ—„æœŹä»ŁèĄšăšă—ăŠă€ăŸăšăŻă€ăŸă‚ă„ă‚ă‚“ăȘäž–ăźäž­ăźæƒ…ć‹ąă‚ă‚ŠăŸă™ă‘ă‚Œă©ă‚‚ă€ăŸăšæ—„æœŹä»ŁèĄšăźæ—„æœŹäșșた1äșșăšă—ăŠă€èƒžă‚’ćŒ”ăŁăŠăăźè©Šćˆă§èĄŒć‹•ă§ăă‚‹ă‚ˆă†ă«ă—ăŠă„ăăŸă„ăȘă€‚ăăźäžŠă§ă„ă„æŒ”æŠ€ă‚‚ă—ăŁă‹ă‚Šăšă‚„ăŁăŠă€ă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ćŒ—äșŹă‚ȘăƒȘăƒłăƒ”ăƒƒă‚Żă«ć‘ă‘ăŠăźæž ă‚‚æ‡žă‹ăŁăŠăă‚‹ăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ă—ă€ć…šćŠ›ă§è‡Ș戆ぼćœčć‰Čă‚’ăŸăŁăšă†ă—ăŸă„ăȘăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă€

A: (Introducing himself) I am Yuzuru Hanyu, who has been selected as a representative to the World Championships. This time, I am going to the World Championships as a representative who is also the Japanese National Champion, so ―while of course there is the current situation in the world―firstly as a Japanese person, I will take pride in that and work to be able to go to that competition. On top of that, I would like to properly deliver a good performance and of course heading towards the Beijing Olympics, to secure spots [for Japan’s Olympic team], so, I want to put in my best effort to fulfill my role. 

â€•â€•äž–ç•Œéžæ‰‹æš©ăŻćˆă‚ăŠæ”·ć€–ć‹ąăšé—˜ă†ă€‚è‡Șćˆ†ăźăƒ©ă‚€ăƒăƒ«ă«ăȘりそうăȘéžæ‰‹ă€ç›źæŒ‡ă™é †äœăŻ

Q: You will compete against foreign skaters at the World Championships for the first time in this season. Who are your potential rivals and what rank are you aiming for?

ă€ŒăŻă„ă€ăŸă‚ă€äž€ç·’ă«é—˜ăŁăŠăżăȘいべ漟際戆からăȘă„ăšă„ă†ăźăŒæ­Łç›ŽăȘべころです。もちろんćŸșæș–ă‚‚ă€ă‚ă‚‹äž€ćźšăźăƒ•ă‚Łă‚źăƒ„ケă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆăźăƒ«ăƒŒăƒ«ăŁăŠă„ă†ăźăŻă‚ă‚‹çš‹ćșŠă€ćŸșæș–ăŻă‚ă‚ŠăŸă™ă‘ă‚Œă©ă‚‚ă€ćźŸéš›ă«é—˜ăŁăŠăżăȘいべそぼ栮ぼç©șæ°—æ„Ÿăšă‹ă€ăăźć ŽăźăƒȘăƒłă‚Żă€ăŸăŸăŻç‚čæ•°ăźć‡șæ–č、もちろんćŸșæș–ăŒăŸăŸé•ăŁăŸă‚Šă‚‚ă—ăŠă„ă‚‹ă‚“ă§ ăŸă‚ă€ăăźć Žă«ă„ăȘいべ戆からăȘă„ăšă“ă‚ăŻă€ćźŸéš›ă«ć˜çŽ”ă«æŻ”èŒƒăŻă§ăăȘă„ăšăŻæ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă€‚ăˆïœžă€ăŸă‚ă€ăă†ă„ă†æ„ć‘łă§ăŸă¶ă‚“ć…šæ—„æœŹăŁăŠă„ă†ăźăŻć…ŹèȘèš˜éŒČにăȘっどいăȘいわけですし

A: Yes, well, to be honest, we won’t really know until we compete together. Of course, there is a certain standard of figure skating rules, but the standard can change depending on the atmosphere, the ice rink, or the way the scores are calculated. If you don’t know what it is like to be there, you can’t simply compare. In that sense as well, the Japanese National Championship scores are probably not going into official (ISU) records. 

ă§ă€ä»Šć›žă‚°ăƒ©ăƒłăƒ—ăƒȘă‚·ăƒȘăƒŒă‚ș、ă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆă‚ąăƒĄăƒȘă‚«ăšă‹ă€ăŸă‚ă‚«ăƒŠăƒ€ăšă‹ă„ă‚ă„ă‚ăȘくăȘăŁăŠă—ăŸă„ăŸă—ăŸă‘ă‚Œă©ă‚‚ă€ă§ă‚‚ă€ăă‚Œă§ă‚‚ă†ă€ä»Šć›žăŻă‚°ăƒ©ăƒłăƒ—ăƒȘă‚·ăƒȘăƒŒă‚șたç‚čæ•°ă‚’ISUは慬èȘă—ăȘă„ăšèš€ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ă‚“ă§ă€‚ăă‚ŒăŻć˜çŽ”ă«æŻ”èŒƒă™ă‚‹ă‚‚ăźă§ăŻăȘă„ăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ă—ă€ćƒ•è‡Șèș«ăŒć‡șしたこぼ318でしたっけ、5でしたっけ、8ăă‚‰ă„ă‹ă€ă‚‚ă‚„ăŁă±ć…ŹèȘă§ă‚ă‚‹ă‚ă‘ă§ăŻăȘă„ăźă§ă€‚ăă“ă‚’ć˜çŽ”ă«æŻ”èŒƒă—ăŠă€è‡Ș戆è‡Șèș«ăŒä»Šă€ć‹ăŁăŠă„るずか、è‡Ș戆è‡Șèș«ăŒă“ăźé †äœă«ăĄăŸă„ăšă‹ă€ăă†ă„ă†æ°—æŒăĄăŻä»Šăšă‚Šă‚ăˆăšăŻăȘă„ă§ă™ă€‚ăŸă ă€ă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ă€ăƒăƒŒă‚”ăƒłéžæ‰‹ăźć‹•ć‘ăŻă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“æ°—ă«ăȘăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă—ăŸă ă€ćƒ•è‡Șèș«ăŒă‚„ă‚‹ă“ăšă€ćƒ•è‡Șèș«ăŒăƒŹăƒ™ăƒ«ă‚ąăƒƒăƒ—ă—ăŠă„ăăŸă„ă“ăšăŻăă‚Œă ă‘ă˜ă‚ƒăȘăăŠă€ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Š4ć›žè»ąă‚ąă‚Żă‚»ăƒ«ă ăŁăŸă‚Šăšă‹ă€ăă‚‚ăă‚‚ă€ă“ăźăƒ—ăƒ­ă‚°ăƒ©ăƒ è‡Șäœ“ă‚’ă©ă†ă„ă†éąšă«é€ČćŒ–ă•ă›ăŠă„ăăźă‹ă€æ·±ă‚ăŠă„ăăźă‹ăšă„ă†ă“ăšăŒć€§ćˆ‡ăȘă‚“ă§ăŸăšăŻăă“ăŒäž€ç•Ș性äș‹ă‹ăȘăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă€

In this season, the Grand Prix series, Skate America, Skate Canada and many other competitions have been cancelled and the ISU has said that the scores of these Grand Prix series won’t count as official scores this time. So, I don’t think we can simply compare scores. The score 318 ―or was it 315, or was it 318?― that I gained myself is not officially recognized either. I don’t feel that I’m winning or that I want to be in a certain position, simply by comparing scores, at least at the moment. Of course, I’m interested in Nathan’s progress. But what I’m going to do, what I want to improve, is not only that, but the quad Axel and also how to evolve and deepen this program itself, so, I think that’s the most important thing.

――戝ć‡șć Žăźé”ć±±ăžăźă‚ąăƒ‰ăƒă‚€ă‚čは

Q: What is your advice to Kagiyama, who is competing for the first time in the World Championships?

ăŻă„ă€‚ă•ăŁăă‚ăźă€æ°—ă«ăȘă‚‹éžæ‰‹ă„ăŸă™ă‹ăšă‹ă€ă©ă†ă„ă†éąšăȘé †äœç›źæŒ‡ă—ăŸă„ă§ă™ă‹ăŁăŠèłȘć•ă•ă‚ŒăŠă„ăŸæ™‚ă«ă€ă™ă”ă„ăȘă‚“ă‹ïŒˆé”ć±±ăŒïŒ‰è‡Șćˆ†ăźæ°—æŒăĄă«ć˜˜ă€ă“ă†ăšă—ăŠă„ăŸă‚“ă§ă€‚ïŒˆé”ć±±ăźæ–čă‚’æŒŻă‚Šèż”ă‚ŠïŒ‰ăă†ă„ă†ă“ăšăŻă„ă‚‰ăȘă„ă‚ˆăŁăŠă€‚ćƒ•ăŻă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šă€ćœŒăźćŒ·ă•ăŻăăźèČ ă‘ă‚“æ°—ăźćŒ·ă•ă ăŁăŸă‚Šă€ć‘äžŠćżƒă ăŁăŸă‚Šă€ć‹ąă„ă ăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ă‚“ă§ă€‚ă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ă€ăă‚Œă ă‘ă§ăŻć‹ăŠăȘいかもしれăȘă„ă‘ă©ă€ă ă‘ă©ă€ăă“ăŒä»Šăźäž€ç•Șăźæ­Šć™šăȘă‚“ă§ă€‚ăă“ăŻć€§äș‹ă«ć€§äș‹ă«

A: Yes, earlier, when he was asked things like if there were any skaters he had his eye on or what kind of rank he wants to achieve, I could tell that he was really trying to lie about his feelings. (Turning to look back at Kagiyama) I think there is no need for that. I think that his strength is in his competitive spirit, his ambition, and his vigor. Of course, he might not be able to win with just that alone, but it is his most important weapon right now. I want him to treasure that. 

ćƒ•ăŒäž–ç•Œéžæ‰‹æš©ćˆă‚ăŠć‡șăŠă€éŠ…ăƒĄăƒ€ăƒ«ć–ă‚ŒăŸæ™‚ăŻă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ă€è‡Șćˆ†ă«ăšăŁăŠă‚‚ăźă™ă”ăć€§ăăȘ戆ćȐç‚čでもあったćčŽăšă€ă‚‚ă†ă€ăăźă‚·ăƒŒă‚șンè‡Șäœ“ăŒă™ă”ăć€§ăăȘ戆ćȐç‚čにăȘăŁăŸă“ăšăŒă‚ăŁăŸă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šă‚ăźæ™‚ăźæŒ”æŠ€ăŻäž€ç”Ÿă€ćż˜ă‚ŒăŠă„ăȘă„ă§ă™ă—ă€ă‚ăźæ™‚ăźă‚šăƒăƒ«ă‚źăƒƒă‚·ăƒ„ă•ăšă‹ă€ă‚ăźæ™‚ă«ă—ă‹ă§ăăȘă„ć‹ąă„ă ăŁăŸă‚Šăšă‹ă€ăă†ă„ă†ă‚‚ăźă§ă‚ăă“ăźé †äœă«èĄŒă‘ăŸăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ă‚“ă§ă™ă‚ˆă€‚ă ă‹ă‚‰ïŒˆé”ć±±ăŻïŒ‰ć…šæ—„æœŹă§ă‚‚ć„Șć‹ă—ăŸă„ăŁăŠèš€ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ăă‚‰ă„ăȘă‚“ă§ă€ăăźæ°—æŒăĄăŻć˜˜ă€ă‹ăȘいでæŹČă—ă„ă—ă€ă—ăŁă‹ă‚Šăăźæ°—æŒăĄă‚’èƒžă«é ‘ćŒ”ăŁăŠæŹČしいăȘăŁăŠćƒ•ăŻæ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă€

The first time that I competed in the World Championships that I was able to get a bronze medal was, of course, a very big turning point for me. Although, that year, and that season itself was a very big turning point for me.  I have never forgotten my performance at that time, and I think it was the energy and the vigor that I could only have had at that time, that helped me to reach that position. (Kagiyama) has even said that he wants to win the Japanese National Championships, so I hope he won’t lie to himself about those feelings, and I want him to do his best with those feelings in mind.

â€•â€•ăŸă ăŸă ă‚čăƒăƒŒăƒ„ăźć€§äŒšăŻć…ˆèĄŒăăźèŠ‹é€šă—ăŒç«‹ăŁăŠă„ăȘいが、ă‚čăƒăƒŒăƒ„ăŒæŒă€ćŠ›ă‚’ă©ă†è€ƒăˆă‚‹ă‹ă€ăăźäžŠă§äž–ç•Œéžæ‰‹æš©ă§ăŻă©ăźă‚ˆă†ăȘæŒ”æŠ€ă‚’ă—ăŸă„ă‹ïŒŸ

Q: The future of sports competitions remains uncertain, but what do you think about the power of sports, and then on top of that, how do you want to perform at the World Championships?

ă€Œă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ä»Šć›žăŸă‚ă€ć…šç«¶æŠ€ăŒç”‚ă‚ăŁăŸäžŠă§ă‚„ăŻă‚Šă€ć…šéžæ‰‹ă§ăă‚‹é™ă‚Šăźæ„ŸæŸ“ćŻŸç­–ă‚’ă—ă€ă‚ăźă€ă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ă€ăƒ•ă‚Łă‚źăƒ„ă‚ąă‚čă‚±ăƒŒă‚żăƒŒăźäž­ă§ăŻæ–°ćž‹ă‚łăƒ­ăƒŠă«ă‹ă‹ăŁăŠă—ăŸăŁăŠă€ă‚ăźă€ăŸă‚ä»Šăƒ­ă‚·ă‚ąăźă€ăˆăƒŒăŁăšăƒŠă‚·ăƒ§ăƒŠăƒ«ă€ć…šăƒ­ă‚·ă‚ąéžæ‰‹æš©ăšă‹ă‚‚ă‚„ăŁăŠă„ăŸă‚Šă—ăŸă™ă‘ă‚Œă©ă‚‚ă€ăăźäž­ă§ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šè‹Šă—ă‚“ă§ă—ăŸăŁăŠć‡șられăȘかったæ–čăšă‹ă€é€†ă«ăă‚Œă‹ă‚‰ćŸ©æŽ»ă—ăŠé ‘ćŒ”ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ć­ăšă‹ă€ă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ă„ă‚ă„ă‚ă„ă‚‹ăšæ€ă†ă‚“ă§ă™ă­ă€‚ăŸă ă€ćƒ•ă‚‰ă‚ąă‚čăƒȘăƒŒăƒˆăšă—ăŠăŻă€ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚ŠćŸŒéșç—‡ăŁăŠă„ă†ăźăŒă‚ă‚‹é™ă‚ŠăŻă€æ„ŸæŸ“ă—ăŠăŻă„ă‘ăȘă„ăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ă—ă€ăă‚Œă‚’ćșƒă’ă‚‹è‹„い䞖代にもăȘっどはいけăȘă„ăšæ€ă†ă‚“ă§ă™ă€‚ăă‚ŒăŻćƒ•ăŸăĄăźèČŹä»»ă ăšă™ă”ăæ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă€‚ăȘぼで、惕たちケă‚čăƒȘăƒŒăƒˆăŒăŸăšăŻæ„ŸæŸ“ă—ăȘい、それがăȘă«ă‚ˆă‚Šă‚‚äž€ç•Șだべ。

A: Of course, well, this time, although all competitions* are over, all skaters were doing as much as possible to prevent the spread of infection, but of course among skaters there were those who contracted COVID19, um, and went to Russia’s Nationals, or Russian National Championships but I think there are still many who suffered and were unable to go, and in turn others who contracted COVID19 and recovered and are doing their best to compete. However, as athletes, as long as there are after-effects [of the virus], we must not contract it, and we as the younger generation should not be the ones to spread it either. I really believe that it is our responsibility. So, I think the first and foremost thing is for us athletes not to get infected. 

*T/N: Unclear if he is referring to just JPN Nationals events alone or other countries’ nationals and GP series/overall competitions as well.

ă§ă€ä»Šć›žćƒ•ăŻć…šæ—„æœŹă‚’ă€ăŸă‚ćƒ•ăŒăăźç«‹ć Žă‹ăŻćˆ†ă‹ă‚‰ăȘă„ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€ç·æ‹Źă—ăŠè€ƒăˆăŠăżăŸæ™‚ă«ă€éžæ‰‹ăŸăĄäž€äșș侀äșșがもちろんキă‚čă‚ąăƒłăƒ‰ă‚Żăƒ©ă‚€ă§ă™ăă«ăƒžă‚čă‚Żă‚’ă€ă‘ăŠé ‘ćŒ”ăŁăŠæ„ŸæŸ“é˜Čæ­ąă‚’ă—ăŠă„ă‚‹éžæ‰‹ăŸăĄă‚‚ă„ăŸă—ăŸă—ă€ăă†ă„ă†ć§żă‚’èŠ‹ăŠă€ă“ă‚Œă‹ă‚‰ă‚‚é ‘ćŒ”ăŁăŠè‡Ș戆è‡Șèș«ă‚‚æ°—ă‚’ä»˜ă‘ăŠă„ă“ă†ăšă‹ă€ä»Šć›žäŒšć Žă«æ„ど例さったæ–čă€…ă‚‚ć«ă‚ăŠă€ăšăŁăšæ„ŸæŸ“é˜Čæ­ąă«ćŠȘめどくださっどいるæ–čăŒéžćžžă«ć€šăèŠ‹ă‚‰ă‚ŒăŸăŁăŠă„ă†ăźăŒäœ•ă‚ˆă‚Šă‚‚è‰Żă‹ăŁăŸăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ă€‚ă‚ăźă€ă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ă€ă‚€ăƒ™ăƒłăƒˆé–‹ć‚Źăšă„ă†ă“ăšă«é–ąă—ăŠăŻă€ç«¶æŠ€äŒšă‚‚ć«ă‚ăŠă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šăƒ•ă‚Łă‚źăƒ„ă‚ąă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆăŁăŠă‚šăƒłă‚żăƒŒăƒ†ă‚€ăƒĄăƒłăƒˆăȘ郹戆がかăȘă‚Šć€§ăă„ăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ăźă§ă€‚ăă†ă„ă†ă“ăšă«é–ąă—ăŠăŻæ„ŸæŸ“æ‹Ąć€§ăźăƒȘă‚čă‚ŻăŻă€ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šă‚ă‚‹ăšăŻæ€ă†ă‚“ă§ă™ă€ăŸă ă€ă“ă‚Œă‚’èŠ‹ăŸæ™‚ă«ă€ă“ă‚Œă‚’ăăŁă‹ă‘ă«ă€ă“ă‚Œă‹ă‚‰ă•ă‚‰ă«æ„ŸæŸ“ăŒæ‹Ąć€§ă—ăȘă„ă‚ˆă†ă«æ°—ă‚’ä»˜ă‘ă‚ˆă†ăŁăŠă„ă†éąšă«æ€ăŁăŠăă ă•ă‚‹æ–čăŒăŸăă•ă‚“ă„ă‚‰ăŁă—ă‚ƒăŁăŸăźăŒă€ćƒ•ăŻæœŹćœ“ă«ă‚ăźă€ć…šæ—„æœŹéžæ‰‹æš©ă€ć…šæ—„æœŹăƒ•ă‚Łă‚źăƒ„ă‚ąă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆéžæ‰‹æš©ăŁăŠă„ă†ă‚‚ăźăŒé–‹ć‚Źă•ă‚ŒăŠă‚ˆă‹ăŁăŸăȘăšæ€ă†ăźăšćŒæ™‚ă«ă€ă“ă‚Œă‹ă‚‰äž–ç•Œéžæ‰‹æš©ăŒă©ă†ăȘă‚‹ă‹ćˆ†ă‹ă‚ŠăŸă›ă‚“ă‘ă‚Œă©ă‚‚ă€ćƒ•ă‚‰ă“ăźăƒĄăƒłăƒăƒŒă§ă—ăŁă‹ă‚Šăšăăźć§żă‚’ă€äž–ç•Œă«ă‚‚ă€æ—„æœŹă«ă‚‚èŠ‹ă›ăŠă„ă‹ăȘきゃいけăȘいんだăȘăŁăŠă„ă†éąšă«æ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă€

I don’t know if I am in a position to say this, but when I think about the Japanese National Championships overall, I saw that each and every skater was wearing a mask immediately at the Kiss & Cry to prevent infection, and seeing that made me want to do my best to take care of myself in the future. I think the best thing about the event was that we could see things like that and also noticeably see that many people, including those who came to the venue, were making efforts to prevent infection. 

Well, of course, speaking of holding events, figure skating events, including competitions, are in a large part classified as entertainment. So, I think there is a risk of spreading the infection. However, there were many people who thought that we should take care of ourselves even more to prevent the spread of the disease, after watching this competition. I’m really glad that the Japanese National Figure Skating Championships was held for that reason, and at the same time, I don’t know what the World Championships will be like, but I think all the skaters here have to show the world and Japan what we can do.

[ENG TRANSLATION] Japanese Nationals Combined Sponichi Interview

Photo by Sponichi

Original article Part 1 published 27 December 2020.
Original article Part 2 published 27 December 2020.

Translation and Proofreading: @shinjistarxx, @axelsandwich and @tsukihoshi14


Yuzuru Hanyu (ANA), the winner of the All-Japan Figure Skating Championships and the consecutive winner of the Olympic Games in Sochi ’14 and Pyeongchang ’18, gave a joint interview after the men’s medalist press conference on the 26th, and talked about his innermost thoughts.


ă€€ă€ŒăŸăšă€ăŸă‚äž–ç•Œéžæ‰‹æš©ăŒă‚ă‚‹ă‹ă©ă†ă‹ă€è‡Șćˆ†ă«ăšăŁăŠăŻäž€ç•Șć€§ăăȘă“ăšă§ă™ă‹ă­ă€‚ăŸă‚ă€ă†ăƒŒă‚“ă€‚ăŸăšăŻäœ“ă‚’ć‹•ă‹ă›ă‚‹ăŁăŠă„ă†ăźăŒäž€ç•Ș。やっぱり4ć›žè»ąćŠă‚’ç·Žçż’ă™ă‚‹ă“ăšă«ă‚ˆăŁăŠăźèĄæ’ƒăŁăŠă„ă†ăźăŻă€ă‚‚ăźć‡„ăă‚ă‚ŠăŸă™ă—ă€‚ăŸă‚ă€ăă†ă‚łăƒłă‚čă‚żăƒłăƒˆă«ç·Žçż’ă—ăŠă„ă‘ă‚‹ă‚ˆă†ăȘもぼではăȘいぼで、ある繋ćșŠă—ăŁă‹ă‚ŠăƒˆăƒŹăƒŒăƒ‹ăƒłă‚°ă—ăȘăŒă‚‰äœ“ă‚’ă€ăăŁăŠă€‚ăŸă‚ă“ăźè©Šćˆă«æ‡žă‘ăŠăźă€ă“ăźè©Šćˆă«ć‘ă‘ăŠăźç·Žçż’ăŻ4ć›žè»ąćŠă—ăȘいべいうぼをæ±șă‚ăŠă„ăŸăźă§ă€‚ăĄă‚‡ăŁăšäœ•ăŠèš€ă†ă‚“ă§ă™ă‹ă­ă€è©ŠćˆćŻ„ă‚Šăźäœ“ă„ăă‚Šă«ăȘăŁăŠă—ăŸăŁăŸăźă§ă€ä»Šă‚ąă‚Żă‚»ăƒ«ăźæ„ŸèŠšăŻăĄă‚‡ăŁăšăŸăŸć€‰ă‚ăŁăŠăăĄă‚ƒăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ăšăŻæ€ă†ă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€ăŸăŸă“ăźè©ŠćˆăŒç”‚ă‚ă‚ŠæŹĄçŹŹă€äœ“ćŠ›ă‚‚ć›žćŸ©ă—æŹĄçŹŹă€ă—ăŁă‹ă‚Š4ć›žè»ąćŠăźăŸă‚ăźäœ“ă„ăă‚Šă‚’ă—ăŁă‹ă‚Šă‚„ăŁăŠă€ăă‚Œă‹ă‚‰ç·Žçż’ă‚’ă—ăŠă€ă‚ăšăŻă‚ąă‚Żă‚»ăƒ«ăŒă©ă‚Œăă‚‰ă„ă§ăă‚‹ă‚ˆă†ă«ăȘă‚‹ă‹ă§ă™ă‹ă­ă€‚ăŸă ă§ăăŠă„ăȘă„ă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€‚ăăźä»Šăźă‚€ăƒĄăƒŒă‚žă—ăŠă„ă‚‹è‡Șćˆ†ăźă‚ąă‚Żă‚»ăƒ«ăźćč»æƒłăšă€æ—©ăè‡Șćˆ†ăźäœ“ăšăźă‚źăƒŁăƒƒăƒ—ă‚’ćŸ‹ă‚ăŠă€ă€.ă€‚ă§ă€ă§ăă‚‹ă‚ˆă†ă«ăȘăŁăŠă‹ă‚‰ă€ă©ă‚Œă ă‘è·łăčă‚‹ă‹ă«ă‚ˆăŁăŠă‹ăȘăšè€ƒăˆăŠă„ăŸă™ă€‚ăŸă‚äœ•ă‚ˆă‚Šă‚‚ăȘă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€äœ•ă‚ˆă‚Šă‚‚äž–ç•Œéžæ‰‹æš©ăŒé–‹ć‚Źă•ă‚Œă‚‹ă‹ă©ă†ă‹ă‚‚ăŸă ćˆ†ă‹ă‚‰ăȘă„ă§ă™ă—ă€‚æ„ă‚·ăƒŒă‚șăƒłăźè©ŠćˆăŒă‚°ăƒ©ăƒłăƒ—ăƒȘ搫めおどうăȘっどいくか戆からăȘă„ăźă§ă€‚ăšă«ă‹ăäž–ăźäž­ăźçŠ¶æłă‚’èŠ‹ăȘがらè‡Șćˆ†ăŒă§ăă‚‹æœ€ć€§é™ăźćŠȘćŠ›ă‚’ă—ăŠă„ăăŸă„ăŁăŠă„ă†ăźăŒä»Šăźæ°—æŒăĄă§ă™ă€‚ăăźć…ˆăŻăŸă ćˆ†ă‹ă‚‰ăȘいです」

Q: Are you thinking of anything (career-wise) after the World Championships (next year)?

A: First of all, for me, the biggest thing is whether the World Championships will actually happen.

Well, first of all, being able to use my body is the most important. Because training on the quad Axel has a big impact (on my body) after all. Well, it’s not something that I can practice consistently, so to some extent, I have to train properly and build up my body. Well, I had decided not to do a quad Axel in my training for this competition. How can I put it, I’ve building up my body to prepare for the competition, so I think now my sense of the Axel has been changing once again, but as soon as this competition is over, after my body recovers, I will make sure to build my body to suit the quad Axel, and then train for it, then see how much I can do with the quad Axel. I haven’t been able to do it yet. I’m trying to quickly bridge the gap between my current image of the Axel and my body as soon as possible. I think it depends on how well I can execute it after I’ve become able to do it. Well, more than anything else, I don’t know if the World Championships will be held yet. I don’t know how next season’s competitions, including the Grand Prix, will go. Anyway, my current feeling is that I want to put out the best effort I can while keeping an eye on the situation of the world. Beyond that, I don’t know yet.


ă€€ă€ŒăŻă„ă€ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šè‡Șćˆ†ă ă‘ă§ăŻćźąèŠłèŠ–ă—ăă‚ŒăŠă„ăȘă„éƒšćˆ†ăŁăŠă„ă†ăźăŻç”¶ćŻŸă‚ă‚‹ăšæ€ă†ăźă§ă€‚ăŸă‚ă€ă†ăƒŒă‚“ă€‚ă“ă†ă‚„ăŁăŠć–‹ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹æ™‚ă ăŁăŸă‚Šăšă‹ă€‚ăă‚ŒăŒæ–°èžă ăšă‹ăƒ‹ăƒ„ăƒŒă‚čべかいろんăȘ蚘äș‹ă«ăȘったり、テレビべいうćȘ’äœ“ă‹ă‚‰è‡Șćˆ†ăźèš€è‘‰ă‚’èŠ‹ăŸă‚Šăšă‹ă—ăŸă™ă‘ă©ă€‚ăăźæ™‚ă‚‚ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šă€ă‚ăźæ™‚ă‚‚ăŁăšă“ă†èš€ăŁăŠăŠă‘ă°è‰Żă‹ăŁăŸăȘă€ă‚ă‚èš€ăŁăŠăŠă‘ă°è‰Żă‹ăŁăŸăȘăŁăŠæ€ă†ă‚ˆă†ă«ă€ăă‚ŒăšćŒă˜ă‚ˆă†ă«ă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆă ăŁăŠă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šè‡Ș戆1äșșă§ă©ă†ă‚„ăŁăŸăŁăŠćźąèŠłèŠ–ă§ăăȘă„ăšă“ă‚ăŒă‚ă‚‹ăźă§ă€‚ăă†ă„ă†ăšă“ă‚ă‚‚æ–°ă—ă„èŠ–ç‚č、è‡Șćˆ†ä»„ć€–ă‹ă‚‰ăźèŠ–ç‚čăŁăŠă„ă†æ„ć‘łă§ăŻă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šă‚łăƒŒăƒăŁăŠć‡„ă„ć€§äș‹ă ăȘăŁăŠæ€ăŁăŸăźăšă€‚é€†ă«èš€ă†ăšăȘă‚“ă§ă™ă©ă€ă“ă‚ŒăŻè‡Șćˆ†ăŒç”Œéš“ć€€ăŒè±ŠćŻŒă«ă‚ă‚‹ă‹ă‚‰ă“ăă€ä»–ăźéžæ‰‹ăŸăĄă‚ˆă‚Šă‚‚ç”Œéš“ć€€ăŒè±ŠćŻŒă«ă‚ă‚‹ă‹ă‚‰ă“ăă€ćźąèŠłèŠ–ăŒă—ă‚„ă™ă„ăŁăŠă„ă†éąšă«æ€ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ă‚“ă§ă™ă­ă€‚è‡Ș戆è‡Șèș«ăŒă©ă†ă„ă†éąšă«ćŽ©ă‚ŒăŠă„ă‚‹ăźă‹ă€ă©ă†ă„ă†çŠ¶æ…‹ăźæ™‚ă«è‰Żă„æŒ”æŠ€ăŒă§ăăŠă„ă‚‹ăźă‹ă€æ‚Șă„æŒ”æŠ€ă«ăȘăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ăźă‹ă€‚ăă‚Œă‚’ă„ă‚ă„ă‚è€ƒăˆăȘăŠă—ăŠă€ă‚łăƒŒăƒăŒă„ăȘいăȘăŒă‚‰ă‚‚ăăźç”Œéš“ă‚’ç”Ÿă‹ă—ćˆ‡ă‚ŒăŸăźăŒă€ä»Šć›žăźć…šæ—„æœŹéžæ‰‹æš©ăŁăŠă„ă†æœŹç•ȘăźæŒ”æŠ€ăšă“ă“ăŸă§ć‘ă‹ăŁăŠă„ăă«ă‚ăŸăŁăŠăźăƒˆăƒŹăƒŒăƒ‹ăƒłă‚°ă«ă€ăȘがったかăȘăŁăŠă„ă†éąšă«æ€ă„ăŸă™ă€

Q: Is there anything you felt was important or difficult while practicing without a coach?

A: Yes, I think there are absolutely aspects where I can’t be completely objective about when I’m by myself. Like when we’re talking like this, or when this becomes various articles in newspapers or the news (on TV), and I watch myself speaking through television. Similar to when I do that and am like ‘ah, it would have been good if I had said in this way’, or ‘I should’ve said this’, it’s the same in skating where there are parts you cannot be objective about when alone. So I think having a coach is an incredibly important thing, insofar as being able to provide new points of view and ones outside of your own. On the flipside though, I think precisely because I have an abundant amount of experiences, because I have more experiences compared to other athletes, it’s easier for me to have a more objective point of view about things like how I break down [under pressure], how I can produce good performance, how it becomes a bad performance, that sort of thing. So while reflecting on various things, even while being without a coach, I think I was able to leverage those experiences and connect my actual performance at Japanese Nationals this time with the training I was aiming for up until this point.  

 ――äșˆćźšæ§‹æˆă«ă€ă„ăŠă€‚ă“ă‚ŒăŸă§ăŻćŸŒćŠă«ă‚łăƒłăƒ“ăƒăƒŒă‚·ăƒ§ăƒłă‚’é‡ă­ăŠă„ăŸă€‚ä»Šć›žăŻè‹„ćčČ才怒し。そぼ狙いは。もし4ć›žè»ąćŠă‚’ć…„ă‚Œă‚‹ć Žćˆăźæ§‹æˆăŻă€‚

ă€€ă€ŒăŸă‚4Ać…„ă‚Œă‚‹ăȘら1ç™ș盼かăȘăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€‚ăŸă‚ă‚łăƒłăƒ“ăƒăƒŒă‚·ăƒ§ăƒłă‚’ć‰ćŠă«ä»Šć›žć…„ă‚ŒăŸç†ç”±ăŻă“ăŁăĄăźæ–čがçąșçŽ‡ăŒè‰Żă„ă‹ă‚‰ă§ă™ă‹ă­ă€ç°Ąć˜ă«èš€ăŁăŠă—ăŸăˆă°ă€‚ă‚ăźă€ă“ăźæ§‹æˆă‚’æ±șă‚ă‚‹ć‰ăŻăă‚‚ăă‚‚ăƒ«ăƒŒăƒ—è·łăčăȘă‹ăŁăŸăźă§ă€äž€æ™‚æœŸă€‚ă‚”ăƒ«ă‚łăƒŒă™ă‚‰è·łăčどいăȘă‹ăŁăŸă—ă€ăƒˆăƒŒăƒ«ăƒŒăƒ—ă‚źăƒȘみたいăȘçŠ¶æłă§ă‚‚ă‚ăŁăŸăźă§ă€ăŸă‚ćŸŒćŠă«4ć›žè»ąă‚’çȘăŁèŸŒă‚“ă§ă„ă‚‹ć Žćˆă˜ă‚ƒăȘă„ă ă‚ă†ă€ăŁăŠă„ă†ăă‚‰ă„ăźæ™‚æœŸă‚’ç”ŒăŠă„ă‚‹ă‹ă‚‰ă“ăă€ăăź1ć€‹ă‚łăƒłăƒ“ăƒăƒŒă‚·ăƒ§ăƒłă‚’ć‰ă«ć€’ă—ăŠă„ăŸăŁăŠă„ă†ăźăŒăŸăšç”Œç·Żăšă—ăŠă‚ă‚ŠăŸă™ă€‚ăăźæ”ă‚Œă§ç·Žçż’ă—ăŠă„ăŠæź”ă€…ăƒ«ăƒŒăƒ—è·łăčă‚‹ă‚ˆă†ă«ăȘăŁăŸă‚Šă€ă‚”ăƒ«ă‚łăƒŒăŻă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ćź‰ćźšă—ăŠă„ăŠăƒ«ăƒŒăƒ—ăŒăĄă‚‡ăŁăšăšă€ćź‰ćźšă—ăŠăăŸæ™‚ă«ă€ă˜ă‚ƒă‚ăƒ•ăƒȘăƒŒăźæ§‹æˆă«ăƒ«ăƒŒăƒ—ć…„ă‚ŒăŠă‚”ăƒ«ă‚łăƒŒć…„ă‚ŒăŠă€‚ćŸŒćŠăƒˆăƒŒăƒ«ăƒŒăƒ—2æœŹă‚łăƒłăƒ“ăƒăƒŒă‚·ăƒ§ăƒłă«ăŻă—ăŠă„ăŠă€æœ€ćŸŒăźă‚ąă‚Żă‚»ăƒ«ă‚‚ă‚łăƒłăƒ“ăƒăƒŒă‚·ăƒ§ăƒłăŁăŠă„ă†ăźă‚‚è€ƒăˆăŠăŻă„ăŸă‘ă©ă€‚ä»ŠăŁăŠă„ă†ă‹ă€ăăźé ƒăšăŁăšăƒ•ăƒȘăƒŒăŁăŠă„ă†ăƒ—ăƒ­ă‚°ăƒ©ăƒ è‡Șäœ“ăźć…šäœ“ă‚’èŠ‹ăŠă„ă‚‹æ™‚ă«ă€æœ€ćŸŒă«ă‚łăƒłăƒ“ăƒăƒŒă‚·ăƒ§ăƒłă‚’ć…„ă‚Œă‚‹ă‚ˆă‚Šă€ć‰ćŠăźă‚ąă‚Żă‚»ăƒ«ă«ă‚łăƒłăƒ“ăƒăƒŒă‚·ăƒ§ăƒłă‚’ć…„ă‚ŒăŸæ–čăŒèŠ‹ăŸç›źăŒè‰Żă„ăȘăŁăŠă„ă†ăźăŒă€ăŸă‚äž€ç•Șć€§ăăȘè‡Șćˆ†ăźäž­ăźèŠć› ă§ă™ă€‚ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šă‚ăă“ăźçŽăźéŸłă‹ă‚‰ć§‹ăŸăŁăŠă„ăŁăŠăĄă‚‡ăŁăšç››ă‚ŠäžŠăŒăŁăŠă€ă‚ąă‚Żă‚»ăƒ«è·łă‚“ă§ă€ăăźă‚ăšăƒ«ăƒŒăƒ—ă«ă„ăă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€ăă‚‚ăă‚‚æœ€ćˆă‚ăă“ăŻă‚ąă‚Żă‚»ăƒ«ć˜ç™șă€ăƒ«ăƒŒăƒ—ć˜ç™șă€ă‚‚ă—ăăŻăƒ«ăƒƒăƒ„ć˜ç™ș、トăƒȘăƒ—ăƒ«ăƒ«ăƒƒăƒ„ć˜ç™șăŁăŠè€ƒăˆăŠă„ăŸă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€‚äœ•ă‹ă‚‚ăŁăšéąšăŒèˆžă„äžŠăŒă‚‹ă‚ˆă†ăȘæ„Ÿă˜ăźéŸłăŒäœ•ăšăȘăæ„ŸèŠšăšă—ăŠă‚ăŁăŸăźă§ă€ăă‚Œă ăŁăŸă‚‰ăă“ă«ăƒˆăƒȘăƒ—ăƒ«ă‚ąă‚Żă‚»ăƒ«ăšäžĄæ‰‹ă‚’æŒ™ă’ă‚‹ăƒ€ăƒ–ăƒ«ăƒˆăƒŒăƒ«ăƒŒăƒ—ă‹ă‚‰ăăźăŸăŸăźć‹ąă„ă§ăƒˆăƒȘăƒ—ăƒ«ăƒ«ăƒŒăƒ—ă«ă„ăăźăŒäž€ç•ȘèĄšçŸăšă—ăŠăźă‚žăƒŁăƒłăƒ—ă«ăȘっどいるかăȘăŁăŠă„ă†éąšă«æ€ăŁăŸăźăŒä»Šć›žć‰ćŠă«æŒăŁăŠăăŸç†ç”±ă§ă™ă€

Q: About your planned layout. Up until now, you’ve put your combinations in the second half of the program. This time it was slightly front-loaded. What is the point of this? And what about your layout if you add the quad Axel?

A: Well if I did add the 4A I think it’d be my first jump. To put it simply, the reason for putting a combination in the first half is because the rate of success is higher there. Before deciding on this layout, there was originally a period where I couldn’t jump the loop. I couldn’t even jump the Salchow, and the toe-loop was in a dicey condition, so there was a period where I was in no position to put quads in the second half. Precisely because of that, I was in the process of putting a combination in the first half. So I went with that flow and then slowly while practising, I became able to jump the loop again – the Salchow was of course stabilised and then I stabilised my loop little by little, so I thought okay, I can put the loop and Salchow in my FS program layout. I did think about doing 2 toe-loop combinations in the second half and doing an Axel combination as the last jumping pass, too. Right now, if I look at the Free Program as a whole, instead of making the last jumping pass a combination, the Axel combination in the first half looks better – I think that’s the primary reason. Starting from the sound of the koto at that point [in the program], the mood picks up, I jump the Axel and then the loop, but originally I thought about making it a solo Axel jump, then solo loop, otherwise a 3Lz solo jump. Somehow I felt that the music creates a feeling of a bigger wind soaring through, so the jump that would express it best would be a 3A with a rippon 2T and then leading into the 3Lo with that momentum, which is the reason for putting it in the first half this time. 


ă€€ă€ŒçŽ‡ç›Žă«èš€ăŁăĄă‚ƒă†ăšăȘă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€æ±äșŹäș”èŒȘできどいăȘă„ä»ŠăźçŠ¶æłăźäž­ă§ă€ćƒ•ă‚‰ăŒă€ăšă„ă†ă‹ćƒ•ć€‹äșșăźæ€ă„ăšă—ăŠăŻă€ć†Źăźäș”èŒȘăźă“ăšă‚’è€ƒăˆăŠă„ă‚‹ć Žćˆă˜ă‚ƒăȘいべいうぼが惕怋äșșăźæ„èŠ‹ă€‚ă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ă€ă‚čăƒăƒłă‚”ăƒŒă•ă‚“ăšă„ă†ăźă‚‚ă‚ă‚‹ă—ă€ă‚łăƒžăƒŒă‚·ăƒŁăƒ«ăšă‹ă€ăƒ›ăƒłăƒˆă«ć›œă‚’æŒ™ă’ăŠă‚„ă‚‹ă‚€ăƒ™ăƒłăƒˆăȘăźă§ă€ăă“ă«ă„ă‚ă‚“ăȘăŠé‡‘ăŒă‹ă‹ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ăšă‹ă€‚ăă‚Œă“ăćƒ•ă‚‰ă«çŸ„ă‚‰ăȘă„äž–ç•ŒăŒăă“ă«ăŻă‚ă‚‹ăšæ€ă†ă‚“ă§ă™ă‚ˆă€‚ă ă‘ă©ă€ăă‚Œă«é–ąäžŽă—ăŠă„ăȘă„ăźă§ă€‚ăƒ•ă‚Łă‚źăƒ„ă‚ąă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆç«¶æŠ€ăźă‚čă‚±ăƒŒă‚żăƒŒăź1äșșべしど、ă‚ȘăƒȘăƒłăƒ”ăƒƒă‚Żă‚’èš€ăˆă°ă€ăă“ăŻă‚čăƒăƒŒăƒ„ăźç„­ć…žă˜ă‚ƒăȘăăŠă€ćƒ•ă«ăšăŁăŠăŻç«¶æŠ€ăźæœ€ç”‚ç›źæš™ă§ă™ă€‚ă‚ȘăƒȘăƒłăƒ”ăƒƒă‚ŻăŁăŠă€‚ăă‚Œă ă‘ă‚’è€ƒăˆă‚‹ăźă§ă‚ă‚Œă°äș”èŒȘă‚’é–‹ć‚Źă—ăŠă‚‚ă‚‰ă„ăŸă„ăšă„ă†ăźăŻă‚ă‚ŠăŸă™ă—ă€ăă“ă«ć‡șおć„Șć‹ă—ăŸă„ăŁăŠă„ă†æ°—æŒăĄă‚‚ă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ă‚ă‚ŠăŸă™ă€‚ăŸă ă€ăăźèƒŒæ™Żă«æ±äșŹäș”èŒȘすら開悬されăȘă„çŸćźŸăŒä»Šă‚ăŁăŠă€‚ć»¶æœŸă—ăŠă‚‚ă€ăă‚Œă‚‚ăƒ›ăƒłăƒˆă«ă©ă†ăȘるか戆からăȘă„ă—ă€‚ăŸăšăˆă°ă€ăƒŻă‚Żăƒăƒłă‚’ćŒ·ćˆ¶çš„ă«æ‰“ăŸăȘくどはいけăȘă„çŠ¶æłă ăŁăŸă‚Šăšă‹ă€‚ăă‚‚ăă‚‚èŠłćźąć…„ă‚ŒăŠă§ăă‚‹ăźă‹ă€ăšă‹ă€‚ăŸă‚ă€ăăźćŽæ”Żăźć…Œă­ćˆă„ă‚‚ć«ă‚ăŠă€ăƒ›ăƒłăƒˆă«äș”èŒȘべいうもぼが開悬されるăčきăȘăźă‹ă€‚æœŹćœ“ă«ă„ă‚ă‚“ăȘæ–č々がいろんăȘă“ăšă‚’è€ƒăˆăŠă€ă„ă‚ă‚“ăȘæ„èŠ‹ă‚’ă•ă‚ŒăŠă‚‹ăšæ€ă†ă‚“ă§ă™ă­ă€‚ă ă‹ă‚‰ă€ăă†ă„ă†äž­ă§ćƒ•ć€‹äșșăšă—ăŠăŻæœ€ç”‚ç›źæš™ă§ă‚ă‚‹äș”èŒȘăšă„ă†ă“ăšă‚’è€ƒăˆăŠăŻă„ă‘ăȘいっどいうăƒȘăƒŸăƒƒă‚żăƒŒăŒă‹ă‹ăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă€‚ă ă‹ă‚‰ă€ćƒ•ăŒć‡șるć‡șăȘă„ăšă‹ă€ăă‚ŒăŸă§çŸćœč続けるたか続けăȘă„ăźă‹ăšă‹ăă†ă„ă†æ„Ÿă˜ă˜ă‚ƒăȘăăŠă€‚ăă‚‚ăă‚‚ă€ăă“ă«ć‘ă‘ăŠăŻăĄă‚‡ăŁăšă‚·ăƒŁăƒƒăƒˆăƒ€ă‚Šăƒłă—ăŠă„ă‚‹ă‚€ăƒĄăƒŒă‚žăŒćŒ·ă„ă§ă™ă€


Q: The Beijing 2022 Olympics are getting closer. What’s your position on it at the moment?

A: This is speaking frankly but in the current situation where the Tokyo Olympics cannot go ahead, in my personal opinion, we’re not in a position to be thinking about the Winter Olympics. Of course, there are sponsors, commercials, and because this is an event where so many countries compete, of course there is a lot of money involved in that. Because of that I think there is a whole world that we don’t know. However, I’m not involved in that. As a single competitive figure skater, the Olympics is not a sport festival or event but, as an athlete, my ultimate goal. If we only think from that perspective, I’d like the Olympics to go ahead and of course I’d like to participate and win. However, against the backdrop of that, the current reality is that even the Tokyo Olympics cannot be held. Even if postponed, we still don’t know how it will turn out. For example, if we’re in a situation where taking the vaccine is compulsory or whether the audience will be able to attend
 And also, balancing the cost, whether the Olympics is something that should be held. Truly, I think there are many people thinking about various factors, with a lot of different opinions. Therefore, within all of that, I’ve personally stopped myself from thinking about the Olympics, my ultimate goal. Therefore, rather than thinking whether or not I’ll participate, whether or not I’ll continue to compete until then, it’s more like I’m shutting down my thoughts about that a little right now.

Photo by Sponichi

Part 2


ă€€ă€Œăšă«ă‹ă4ć›žè»ąćŠă€è©Šćˆă§é™ă‚ŠăŸă„ă§ă™ă€‚è©Šćˆă§ă€‚ăă“ăŻäœ•ćșŠă‚‚èš€ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ă‚ˆă†ă«æœ€ç”‚ç›źæš™ă§ă™ă€‚ăŸă ă€ä»Šć›žă€é•·ă„æœŸé–“ă€1äșșă§ç·Žçż’ă™ă‚‹ă«ă‚ăŸăŁăŠă€4ć›žè»ąćŠăźé›Łă—ă•ăŁăŠă„ă†ă‹ă€‚ăă‚‚ăă‚‚ă€ăă“ăŸă§ăŸă©ă‚Šç€ă‘ă‚‹ăźă‹ăżăŸă„ăȘ。怹物èȘžă˜ă‚ƒăȘいかみたいăȘæ„ŸèŠšăšă‹ăŸă§ă‚ăŁăŸă“ăšă‚’è€ƒăˆă‚‹ăšă€æœŹćœ“ă«ăă‚Œă‚’æœ€ç”‚ç›źæš™ă«ă—ăŠă„ă„ăźă‹ăȘăŁăŠă„ă†æ„Ÿă˜ă‚‚ăȘくはăȘいです。ただ、è‡Șćˆ†ăźćżƒă«ć˜˜ă€ă‹ăȘă„ăźă§ă‚ă‚Œă°ă€ă†ă‚“ă€‚ă‚„ăŻă‚Šă€ăă“ăŸă§ăŸă©ă‚Šç€ă‹ăȘă„ăźă§ă‚ă‚Œă°ă€æ­Łç›Žèš€ăŁăŠä»Šă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆă‚’é ‘ćŒ”ă‚‹ç†ç”±ăŁăŠă„ă†ăźăŒă€‚ă“ăźç€ŸäŒšăźäž­ă§ă€ă“ăźäž–ăźäž­ă§ă€è‡Ș戆がă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆă‚’ă‚„ă‚ŠăŸă„ç†ç”±ă‚’æŠŒă—é€šă—ăŠăŸă§ă€ăƒˆăƒŹăƒŒăƒ‹ăƒłă‚°ă•ă›ăŠă‚‚ă‚‰ă†ç†ç”±ăŒăȘくăȘっちゃうăȘăšæ€ăŁăŠă€‚ă ăŒă‚‰ă€è‡Ș戆ぼ4ć›žè»ąćŠăŁăŠă„ă†ăšăŠă‚‚é™șしい棁に搑かっお、今çȘăé€Čă‚“ă§ă„ăŠă€‚ăă“ăžăźăƒăƒŒăƒ‰ăƒ«ăŻă™ă”ăé«˜ă„ă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€‚ăă“ă«äœ•ă‹æ‰‹ă™ă‚ŠăŒäœ•ă‚‚ăȘいんじゃăȘいかăȘăšæ€ă†ăă‚‰ă„é«˜ă„ćŁăŒă‚ăŁăŠă€‚ă ă‘ă©ă€ăă‚Œă‚’ćč»æƒłăźăŸăŸă«ă—ăŸăăȘă„ă€‚ç”¶ćŻŸă«ă€è‡Șćˆ†ăźæ‰‹ă§ă€ă‹ăżć–ăŁăŠă€ăăźć…ˆăźćŁăŒăȘă„ćŁăźć…ˆă‚’èŠ‹ăŸă„ă€‚ăă‚Œă ă‘ăŒă€ä»Šă“ăźäž–ăźäž­ă§è‡Ș戆がă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆă‚’ă‚„ă‚Œă‚‹ç†ç”±ă‹ăȘăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă€

Q: What is the ultimate goal of your skating career?

A: In any case, I’d like to land the 4A in competition. That’s the ultimate goal I’ve said countless times. However, this time, with such a long period of training alone, the difficulty of the 4A
 Firstly, I wonder if I will be able to get there. When I think about how there were times when I felt like it was almost a wild fantasy, I won’t say there weren’t times where I wondered if it was okay to make this my ultimate goal. However, if I were not to lie to my own heart then, if I did not try to get there, truthfully speaking, my reason for skating… In this society, in this current situation, it feels like my reason for training, the reason for wanting to keep skating would vanish. So that’s why I’m still pushing ahead against the impregnable wall known as my 4A, though the hurdle is very high. It’s a wall so tall to the extent that it feels like there are no handholds or anything. Even so, I don’t want to leave it as just a dream. I will absolutely grasp it in my hands, and I want to look beyond that wall where there are no other walls. I think that may be the only reason I am able to skate in this current situation. 



Q: What about the current status of the (quad) axel?

A: I haven’t (successfully) jumped it.

Q: Not even once?

A: Yes.

ă€€â€•â€•ă‚łăƒ­ăƒŠăźçŠ¶æłăŒäžŠć‘ă‘ă°ă€ăŸăŸæ‹ ç‚čăźæ”·ć€–ăžèĄŒăăŸă„ă‹ă€‚

ă€€ă€ŒăŸă‚ă€äž–ăźäž­ă©ă†ăȘるか戆からăȘă„ăźăŒæ­Łç›ŽăȘべころですかね。ただ、çąș俥ずしお、今曞è‡Șćˆ†ăŒă‚„ăŁăŠăăŸăƒˆăƒŹăƒŒăƒ‹ăƒłă‚°ăŻé–“é•ăŁăŠăȘă‹ăŁăŸăšă„ă†ă‹ă€‚ă‚ăźă€ă‚„ăŁă±è‡Șćˆ†ăŒç”Œéš“ă—ăŠăăŸă“ăšă‚’ă„ă‚ă„ă‚ç”Ÿă‹ă—ăŠă€ă‚„ăŁăšăƒ™ăƒ†ăƒ©ăƒłă‚‰ă—ăă€ă„ă‚ă‚“ăȘăƒˆăƒŹăƒŒăƒ‹ăƒłă‚°ă‚’ç©ă‚ă‚‹ă‚ˆă†ă«ăȘっどきたぼは、間違いăȘăă“ăźè©Šćˆă§ç”æžœăšă—ăŠèĄšă‚ŒăŸăźă§ă€ă‚„ăŁăšé ‘ćŒ”ăŁăŸăšèš€ăˆă‚‹ăšæ€ă†ă€‚ă ă‹ă‚‰ă€ä»Šć›žăŻ4ć›žè»ąăƒ«ăƒŒăƒ—èŸŒăżăź4ć›žè»ą4æœŹăźăƒ•ăƒȘăƒŒăźăŸă‚ă«äœœăŁăŠăăŸăƒˆăƒŹăƒŒăƒ‹ăƒłă‚°ăƒ—ăƒ©ăƒłă ăŁăŸăźă‚’ä»ŠćșŠ4ć›žè»ąćŠăźăŸă‚ăźăƒˆăƒŹăƒŒăƒ‹ăƒłă‚°ă‚’ă™ă‚‹ăŁăŠè€ƒăˆăŸăšăăźç”¶ćŻŸćœŸć°ă«ăȘă‚‹ăšă„ă†ă€‚ăă‚Œă‚’ă†ăŸăă€ăăŁăŠă„ăă“ăšă ă‘ăŒä»Šè€ƒăˆă‚‹ăčきこべかăȘăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ă€‚ăă‚ŒăŒăƒˆăƒ­ăƒłăƒˆă«ćž°ăŁăŠă‚„ă‚‹ăšă‹ă€æ—„æœŹă§ă‚„ă‚‹ăšă‹é–ąäż‚ăȘăă€ăšă«ă‹ăç”¶ćŻŸă€è‡Șćˆ†ăźäœ“ăšă‹ă€è‡Șćˆ†ăźæ„ŸèŠšăšă‹ă€è‡Șćˆ†ăźæŠ€èĄ“éąă€äœ“ćŠ›éąăźć‘äžŠăŁăŠă„ă†ăźăŻäž€ç•Șè‡Șćˆ†ăŒăŸă¶ă‚“ă‚ă‹ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ăšæ€ă†ă€‚ăšă‚Šă‚ăˆăšă“ăź1ćčŽé–“ă§è©ŠèĄŒéŒŻèȘ€ă—ăŸäžŠă§ă€‚ă ă‹ă‚‰ă€ăă‚Œă‚’ă†ăŸăäœżăŁăŠă€æ—„æœŹă ă‚ă†ăŒă‚«ăƒŠăƒ€ă ă‚ă†ăŒă€ăŸăš4ć›žè»ąćŠć›žă‚Šćˆ‡ăŁăŠé™ă‚Šă‚‹ăŁăŠă„ă†æŠ€èĄ“çš„ăȘć‘äžŠă‚’ă•ă›ă‚‹ăŸă‚ăźăƒˆăƒŹăƒŒăƒ‹ăƒłă‚°ă‚’ç©ă‚“ă§ă„ăăŸă„ăȘăŁăŠæ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă€‚ă“ă‚Œă§ć€§äžˆć€«ă§ă™ă‹ïŒŸç­”ăˆă«ăȘăŁăŠăŸă™ă‹ïŒŸă€

Q: Once the COVID19 situation improves, will you go back to your training base overseas?

A: Well, to be honest, I don’t know how the world will be. However, to confirm, I don’t think the training I’ve done thus far has been wrong. Um, in the end since I was able to apply the various things I have experienced thus far, and finally like a “veteran”, I was able to accumulate the [efforts of] various training, and without doubt as this was reflected in the results of this competition, I think I can finally say I did my best. And so, the training plan of a four-quad free program including a quad loop from this time will become a strong foundation for the sake of the quad Axel later. I think for now, making that go well should be the only thing I think about. Regardless of whether that will happen upon returning to Toronto or in Japan, and improving my body, my senses, and my technical and physical fitness is definitely something I think I know best. In any case, in the last one year I have gone through a lot of trial and error. That’s why, to utilize [what I learned from] that, whether it’s in Japan or in Canada, first I want to put in the work in training to improve the technical aspects needed to rotate and land a quad Axel. Is this okay? Did that answer the question?


ă€€ă€ŒăŸă‚ă€ă§ă‚‚ă€ćź¶æ—ăšéŽă”ă™æ™‚é–“ăŒă™ă”ăćą—ăˆăŸă—ăŸă­ă€‚ă‚„ăŁă±ăƒˆăƒ­ăƒłăƒˆă«èĄŒăŁăŠă€ćź¶æ—ć…šć“ĄăŒăă‚ă†ă“ăšăŒăȘかăȘかăȘă‹ăŁăŸăźă§ă€‚ćź¶æ—ăšäž€ç·’ă«éŽă”ă—ăŠă€‚ćˆ„ă«ć›Łă‚‰ă‚“ă™ă‚‹ă“ăšăŒæ„œă—ă‹ăŁăŸăšă‹ăă†ă„ă†èšłă§ăȘăă€äž€ç·’ă«ă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆăźă“ăšă‚’è€ƒăˆăŠă€‚äœ•ă‚ˆă‚Šă‚‚ćź¶æ—ć…šć“Ąă«ă‚”ăƒăƒŒăƒˆă—ăŠă‚‚ă‚‰ăŁăŸăźăŻă€è‡Ș戆がă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆă—ăŠă„ă‚‹äž­ă§ă‚‚èȥ産にăȘるăȘăšă„ă†éąšă«æ€ă„ăŸă—ăŸă€‚ćŸŒăŻă€ăă†ă§ă™ă­ă€ć€–ć‡șăŻæœŹćœ“ă«ă—ăŠă„ăȘいんですよ。ă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆä»„ć€–ă«äœ•ă‚‚ă—ăŠă„ăȘいぼで。ă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆä»„ć€–ă«äœ•ă‚‚ă—ăŠă„ăȘă„ăźăŻăĄă‚‡ăŁăšć€§ă’ă•ă‹ă‚‚ă—ă‚ŒăȘいですけど。ă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆä»„ć€–ă«ć€–ć‡șは侀戇しどいăȘă„ăźă§ă€‚ă†ăƒŒă‚“ă€‚ăă†ă§ă™ă­ă€‚ăƒˆăƒ­ăƒłăƒˆă«ă„ă‚‹ăšăă‚ˆă‚Šă‚‚ă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆă«é›†äž­ă§ăăŠă„ă‚‹ăźă‹ăȘăšă„ă†æ„Ÿă˜ăŒă—ăŠă„ăŸă™ă€‚ă‚ăšäœ•ă§ă—ăŸăŁă‘ïŒŸă‚ăŁă€ć€§ć­Šă€‚ăŠă‹ă’ă•ăŸă§ć€§ć­Šć’æ„­ă§ăăŸă—ăŸă€‚è«–æ–‡ă«ă€ă„ăŠă‚‚ă€ăă†ă§ă™ă­ă€ă„ăšă‚Œç™șèĄšă™ă‚‹ă‹ă‚‚ă—ă‚ŒăȘいですし、しăȘいかもしれăȘいです。そこはちょっべ戆からăȘă„ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€‚ăšă‚Šă‚ăˆăšè‡Șćˆ†ăŒè€ƒăˆă†ă‚‹é™ă‚Šă§ç ”ç©¶ă‚’ă—ă€è‡Ș戆è‡Șèș«ăźä»Šăźć…ˆă»ă©èš€ăŁăŸăƒˆăƒŹăƒŒăƒ‹ăƒłă‚°ă«é–ąă—おも぀ăȘăŒăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ăšă“ă‚ăŻă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ă‚ă‚ŠăŸă™ă—ă€‚äœ•ă‚ˆă‚Šăƒ«ăƒŒăƒ«ăŒćˆ†ă‹ă‚Šă‚„ă™ăăȘるかăȘっど、しăȘくはăȘいぼで。もしè‡Șćˆ†ăŒä»ŠćŸŒă€ăšă‚Šă‚ăˆăšæș€è¶łă§ăă‚‹ăă‚‰ă„ăźæŒ”æŠ€ă‚’ă—ăŠă€çŸćœčă‚’é€€ă„ăŠă€ăƒ—ăƒ­ă«ăȘăŁăŠă€æŒ‡ć°Žè€…ă«ăȘっお。っお、どんどんé€Čă‚“ă§ă„ăŁăŸæ™‚ă«ă€ă‚‚ă—ăăźæŠ€èĄ“ăŒćż…èŠă ăšă„ă†ă“ăšă§ă‚ă‚Œă°ă€ăăŁăĄăźé“ă‚‚ă€‚ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šăƒˆăƒƒăƒ—ăźç«¶æŠ€è€…ăšă—ăŠă€ćˆ‡ă‚Šé–‹ăææ–™ă«ăȘればăȘăšă„ă†éąšă«ăŻæ€ă„ăŸă™ă€

Q: (This year) You graduated from university. Aside from training, what other kinds of things did you do during the pandemic?

A: Well, the time I spent with my family greatly increased. Usually I’m in Toronto and it’s not often that my whole family is able to get together and spend time. And by this it’s not that it was fun to be together like this, but rather we were able to think together about skating. Above all else, I thought that being supported by my whole family while I was skating is a great fortune. And, yes, I didn’t really go out, since I wasn’t doing anything but skating. Although (saying I was) doing nothing except skating might be a bit of an exaggeration. I did not go out at all, aside for skating. Um, that’s right. I felt maybe I was able to focus more on skating than when I was in Toronto. And
 what else was there? Ah, university. Fortunately I was able to graduate from university. Regarding my thesis, yes, I might present it someday, I might not. I’m not really sure about that. I did as much research as I could think of, and of course there were connections to the training that I myself have done up until now. Above all, I thought that maybe [with my research*] the rules [of skating] would become easier to understand, it would have to. Perhaps in the future, [after] performing to where I’m satisfied, I’ll retire from competition, become a professional [skater], become a coach/mentor, etc. So, in that progression, if that kind of technology is needed, there’s that option too. After all, I think that as a top athlete, [it would be good] to become a means of opening up something new. 

*T/N: Yuzuru is referring to his graduation thesis in which he explored the topic of 3D motion capture technology being applied to figure skating, and he stated his hope that in the future there could be AI-based scoring incorporating new technology. He talked about his thesis and thoughts on his university career in his recent article featured in Waseda University’s Campus Now magazine; translation can be found here.

[ENG TRANSLATION] Japanese Nationals Post-FS Sponichi Interview

Photo by Sponichi

Part 1 – Original article published 26 December 2020.
Part 2 – Original article published 27 December 2020.
Part 3 – Original article published 27 December 2020.
Part 4 – Original article published 27 December 2020.

Translation and Proofreading: @shinjistarxx, @axelsandwich, @tsukihoshi14 and @yuzueco


2014 Sochi and 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic gold medallist Yuzuru Hanyu (ANA) secured his 5th Japanese National Champion title with a score of 215.83 in the Free Skate and an overall score of 319.36. These are his comments in an interview with Fuji TV after the performance.



Q: (After the performance)

A: My honest feeling is that I wanted to get a Level 4 in the StSq but in any case I’m glad I thoroughly rotated my spins. 


ă€€ă€ŒăŸăšă€ăĄă‚ƒă‚“ăšćźąèŠłèŠ–ă—ăȘがら、ăȘă‚“ă§ă™ă‹ă­ă€ç·Žçż’ă—ăŠăăŸă“ăšă‚’ă—ăŁă‹ă‚ŠäżĄă˜ăŠă€äœ“ăźæ„ŸèŠšă‚’äżĄă˜ăŠă€ă‚„ă‚Šăă‚ŒăŸăźăŻć€§ăă„ăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ă—ă€‚ăȘă«ă‚ˆă‚Šă‚‚æ˜šæ—„ă€ă‚ă‚ă„ă†ăƒ—ăƒ­ă ă‹ă‚‰ă“ăăȘă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€ćˆæˆŠăšă„ă†ă“ăšă§ăĄă‚‡ăŁăšćŠ›ăŒć…„ă‚Šă™ăŽăŠă„ăŸéƒšćˆ†ăšă‹ă‚‚ă‚ăŁăŸăźă§ă€æ˜šæ—„ăă‚Œă‚’æ„Ÿă˜ă‚‰ă‚ŒăŠè‰Żă‹ăŁăŸăȘべいうぼが率目ăȘæ„Ÿæƒłă§ă™ă€

Q: Your thoughts on your performance just then?

A: Firstly, while looking at it objectively
 I think it’s significant that I was able to properly believe in the training I did and trust the feeling in my body. More than anything yesterday – though it was in part precisely because it was that type of program – there were parts in that first competition where I had exerted a bit too much power, so frankly, it’s good that I was able to feel that yesterday. 

 ――4ć›žè»ąăƒ«ăƒŒăƒ—ă‹ă‚‰ć…„ăŁăŠă€4ć›žè»ąă‚”ăƒ«ă‚łăƒŒă§ăŻé«˜ă„ćŠ ç‚čăŒă€ă„ăŸ

ă€€ă€ŒăŸă‚ă€ăŸăšăƒ«ăƒŒăƒ—ă‚žăƒŁăƒłăƒ—ăšă„ă†ă‚žăƒŁăƒłăƒ—ă§ăŸă‚ă€æ”ă‚Œă‚’ć‡șă™ăźăŁăŠă™ă”ăé›Łă—ă„ă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€ăŸă‚ă€ăă‚Œă§ă‚‚ă€æ”ă‚Œă‚’æźșさăȘă„ă§ă€ăă‚Œă„ă«ćŠ ç‚čăŒä»˜ăăƒ«ăƒŒăƒ—ă‚žăƒŁăƒłăƒ—ăŒè·łăčăŸăŁăŠă„ă†ăźăŒćƒ•ă«ăšăŁăŠă‚‚äč…ă—ă¶ă‚Šă§ă™ă—ă€ă™ă”ăćżƒă‹ă‚‰è‰Żă‹ăŁăŸăȘăšæ€ăˆă‚‹ç‚čă§ă™ă€‚ă‚”ăƒ«ă‚łăƒŒăšăƒˆăƒŒăƒ«ăƒŒăƒ—ă«é–ąă—ăŠăŻă€ć‡„ăè‡ȘäżĄă‚’æŒăŁăŠă‚„ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ă‚žăƒŁăƒłăƒ—ă§ă™ă—ă€é•·ćčŽäž€ç·’ă«ă‚„ăŁăŠăă‚ŒăŠă„ă‚‹ă‚žăƒŁăƒłăƒ—ăŸăĄăȘんで、è‡ȘäżĄă‚’æŒăŁăŠă‚„ă‚ŠăŸă—ăŸă€

Q: You began the program with a 4Lo and then a 4S and it scored you high marks
A: Well, firstly when it comes to the loop jump, it’s very difficult to get flow from that jump. For me, it’s been awhile since I’ve maintained the flow and completed the loop jump with positive GOE. It’s a point that I am very happy about. In regards to the Salchow and toe-loop, they are jumps I have a lot of confidence in and two jumps that have accompanied me for many years* so I had confidence and completed them.

*T/N: Here, his language sort of personifies his jumps as people/things who’ve been ‘doing’ skating together with him so we’ve tried to express that feeling through the translation

 ――どんăȘæ°—æŒăĄă§ă“ăźăƒ—ăƒ­ă‚°ăƒ©ăƒ ă‚’

 「こぼæ›ČăźèƒŒæ™Żă«ăŻă€äžŠæ‰èŹ™äżĄć…ŹăŒă„ă‚‰ăŁă—ă‚ƒă‚‹ă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€‚ăšă«ă‹ăćƒ•è‡Șèș«ă€ç«¶æŠ€ă™ă‚‹ă“ăšăŻă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šć„œăă ă—ă€é—˜ă†ăšă„ă†ă“ăšăźäž­ă‹ă‚‰ć‡„ăă€ăȘă‚“ă§ă™ă‹ă­ă€æ„œă—ăżăšă„ă†ă‹ă€é›†äž­ăźä»•æ–čだったりべか、そぼćˆșæż€ăŻă™ă”ăăŸă‚ă€ăŸăŸă‚‰ăȘいもたにăȘăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€‚ăŸă ă€ăăźäž­ă§ă‚‚ćƒ•è‡Șèș«ăŒă€ăăźă€é—˜ăŁăŠă‚‚ć‹ăŠăȘくăȘăŁăŠăăŸă‚Šă€ăŸăŸă€è‹Šă—ă„ăšă„ă†ă‚ˆă†ăȘ、ăȘă‚“ă‹è‹Šæ‚©ă«é§†ă‚‰ă‚ŒăŸă‚Šă€‚ăŸăŸă€ćƒ•ăŒ1äœă«ăȘるこべで、èȘ°ă‹ăŒ2äœă«ăȘったり、3äœă«ăȘったり、犠ç‰ČăŒă‚ă‚‹ăšă„ă†ă“ăšă‚’æ„Ÿă˜ăȘがらやっどいたぼで、ăȘă«ă‹èŹ™äżĄć…Źăźé—˜ă„ăšă„ă†ă“ăšă«é–ąă—ăŠăźäŸĄć€€èŠłăżăŸă„ăȘă‚‚ăźă«ćœ±éŸżă•ă‚ŒăŠă„ă‚‹ăźă§ă€‚ä»Šă€ă“ăźäž–ăźäž­ă€é—˜ă‚ăȘきゃいけăȘă„ă“ăšăŸăă•ă‚“ă‚ă‚ŠăŸă™ă‘ă‚Œă©ă‚‚ă€äœ•ă‹ăżăȘă•ă‚“ăźäž­ă«ăĄă‚‡ăŁăšă—ăŸèŠŻăżăŸă„ăȘă‚‚ăźăŒă€é—˜ă†ă€ć‘ă‹ăŁăŠă„ăèŠŻăżăŸă„ăȘă‚‚ăźăŒèŠ‹ăˆăŸă‚‰è‰Żă‹ăŁăŸăȘăšă„ă†éąšă«æ€ă„ăŸă™ă€

Q: What kind of feelings have you put into this program?

A: The setting of this music features Lord Uesugi Kenshin.* In any case, I myself like competing, and in the act of competing itself, how to put it, the fun of it is in things like (figuring out) how to focus, and these kinds of exciting things are what I can’t get enough of. However, in all of that, (there are feelings like) fighting and still not winning, or (things) you can say are painful, like being consumed by anguish. Also, like when I come in first place, someone else will be 2nd or 3rd, and I am feeling that it is like there is a “sacrifice,” or a cost, so I am somewhat influenced by Lord Kenshin’s overall sense of values he held towards battle. Right now, in this world, there may be many things people have to fight against, so it would be nice if everyone could come to see something like a “core” or will within themselves as they head into battle (upon watching this program).

*T/N: Referring to 16th century/medieval Japanese warlord Uesugi Kenshin who ruled over part of northern Japan. The music for his free program this time is taken from a 1969 taiga genre (historical) drama called “Heaven and Earth” about Kenshin. In an earlier comment, Yuzuru pointed out that he resonates with Kenshin’s overall view of battle/competition as always having come with a cost, or a “sacrifice.” Earlier comment was translated here.



Q: Looking ahead to the World Championships

A: Well, if it will actually happen. Of course, in any case, my honest feeling right now is that I want the world to return to peace as soon as possible, and I want to live peacefully as well.

Photo by Sponichi

Part 2


2014 Sochi and 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic gold medallist Yuzuru Hanyu (ANA) secured his 5th Japanese National Champion title after 5 years with a score of 215.83 in the Free Skate and an overall score of 319.36. After his performance, he answered some questions in an online interview.


ă€€ă€ŒćŽ»ćčŽă€ă ă„ă¶æ‚”ă—ă‹ăŁăŸă‚“ă§ă€ăĄă‚‡ăŁăšăƒȘăƒ™ăƒłă‚žă§ăăŠè‰Żă‹ăŁăŸăȘăŁăŠæ°—æŒăĄăŻć°‘ăȘă‹ă‚‰ăšă‚ă‚‹ă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€ăŸă‚ă€äœ•ă‚ˆă‚Šă€ă‚„ăŻă‚Šă€ă†ïœžă‚“ă€ă“ă†ă„ă†çŠ¶æłăźäž­ă§ă‚łăƒŒăƒă‚’ć‘Œă¶ăźă‚‚ă€ă‚„ăŻă‚Šă‚łăƒŒăƒăŸăĄă«ă‚‚æ‚Șいですし、ăȘă«ă‚ˆă‚Šă€ă‚ăźă€ă‚‚ă—1äșșă§ă§ăă‚‹ăźă§ă‚ă‚Œă°ă€äž–ăźäž­çš„ă«è‡Șćˆ†ăŒèƒžćŒ”ăŁăŠè©Šćˆă«ć‡șă‚‰ă‚Œă‚‹ăźăŻă€ă‚„ăŻă‚Šă€ă‚łăƒŒăƒă‚’ć‘Œă¶ăčきじゃăȘいべè‡Ș戆ぼ侭ではæ±șæ–­ă—ăŸăźă§ă€‚ăŸă‚ă€ă“ăźçŠ¶æłă§ă€ă“ă†ă„ă†ă„ă„æŒ”æŠ€ăŒă§ăăŸăźăŻăƒ›ăƒłăƒˆă«è‰Żă‹ăŁăŸăȘべ。それべ、あべは、やはり、1äșșă§ă‚„ăŁăŠăăŸăšăŻă„ăˆă€ă“ă“ăŸă§æ”ŻăˆăŠăă ă•ăŁăŸæ–č々がたくさんいらっしゃるぼで、そぼæ–čă€…ă«æ„ŸèŹă‚’ç”łă—äžŠă’ăŸă„ă§ă™ă€

Q: (Your feelings) After ending the short & free programs

A: Last year, I was pretty frustrated, so I think it’s good I was able to get a little revenge, but, well, more than anything else, ultimately, hmm, in these kind of circumstances, [I felt] bad about calling [my] coach would be kind of bad*, so more than anything, um, if it’s something I can handle on my own, I internally decided that, given the current circumstances, I shouldn’t call my coach if I wanted to be able to go into the competition with confidence. Well, in these conditions, [I thought] being able to do a good performance like this was really good. And also, even though I have been working alone, I want to express my gratitude to the many who have supported me thus far.

*T/N: Our guess is that he is trying to express that he does not want to trouble his coaches during the current circumstances since he can handle it on his own.


ă€€ă€ŒăŸăšăˆă°ă€ć‰ăźă‚·ăƒŒă‚șăƒłă«ćź‡é‡Žéžæ‰‹ăŒ1äșșă§ă‚°ăƒ©ăƒłăƒ—ăƒȘă‚’é—˜ăŁăŸè©Šćˆă ăšă‹ă€ăă†ă„ăŁăŸă‚‚ăźă‚‚ă‚ă‚ŠăŸă—ăŸă—ă€ăă†ă„ăŁăŸäž­ă§ă€ă‚„ăŻă‚Šé›Łă—ă„ă‚“ă ă‚ă†ăȘăšă„ă†ă“ăšă‚’æ„Ÿă˜ăŠă„ăŸă—ăŸă€‚ăŸăŸă€ćƒ•è‡Șèș«ă‚‚ă‚°ăƒ©ăƒłăƒ—ăƒȘăƒ•ă‚Ąă‚€ăƒŠăƒ«ă§ăŻă‚łăƒŒăƒăŒăĄă‚‡ăŁăšăƒˆăƒ©ăƒ–ăƒ«ăŒă‚ăŁăŸă‚Šăšă‹ă—ăŠă€ă‚·ăƒ§ăƒŒăƒˆăƒ—ăƒ­ă‚°ăƒ©ăƒ ăŻ1äșșă§ă‚„ăŁăŠă€ă§ă€ă†ăŸăă„ă‹ăȘă‹ăŁăŸăŁăŠă„ă†ç”Œéš“ă‚‚ă‚ă‚ŠăŸă—ăŸă€‚ă‚„ăŻă‚Šă€ă“ă‚Œă ă‘é•·ă„æœŸé–“ă€1äșșă§ă‚„ă‚‹ăšă„ă†ăźăŻç›žćœ“ă€èż·ă„ă‚‚æ‚©ăżă‚‚ă™ă”ăćą—ăˆăŸă—ăŸă‘ă‚Œă©ă‚‚ă€1äșșă§ă‚„ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ăšăŻă„ăˆă€ă©ă“ă‹ă—ă‚‰ă§ă€ăȘにかしらで぀ăȘがっどいるんだăȘべいうこべをあらためど、1äșșă§ç·Žçż’ă—ăŠă„ăŸă‹ă‚‰ă“ăæ„Ÿă˜ăŸăźă§ă€‚ä»Šć›žă‚‚é ăă‹ă‚‰ă„ă‚ă‚“ăȘćŠ›ă‚’ă€ă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“æ–‡ç« ăšă‹èš€è‘‰ăšă‹ă§ă‚ąăƒ‰ăƒă‚€ă‚čă‚’ă„ăŸă ă„ăŸă‚Šăšă‹ă€ăŸăŸă€é€†ă«ăă†ă„ăŁăŸć…·äœ“çš„ăȘもぼだけじゃăȘくど、すごく遠くから抛を送っどくださったæ–čă€…ă‚‚ăŸăă•ă‚“ă„ă‚‰ăŁă—ă‚ƒă‚‹ăšæ€ă†ăźă§ă€ăŸăšăŻăă“ă«æ„ŸèŹă—ăŸă„ăȘăŁăŠæ°—æŒăĄă§ă„ăŁă±ă„ă§ă™ă€

Q: What are the difficulties of doing things (i.e. practice, training) alone?

A: For instance, last season, there was Uno-senshu who competed in the Grand Prix series by himself* and amidst all that I felt that certainly that must be difficult to do. Also, I myself had a little trouble [last year] at the Grand Prix Final with my coach*, and I had to do the short program alone, and I had the experience of that not going well. Ultimately, [this year], my doubts and worries have increased a lot by doing everything all by myself for this long period of time, but although I’m doing it alone, it’s precisely because of the fact that I’ve been training alone that I was again able to feel that somehow, somewhere I’m connected [to others]. This time too, [I’ve received] support from afar, and of course this includes things like messages and words I’ve received, and conversely, not just these kinds of tangible things but, I think there are also many who are sending me support from very far away, so above all I very much want to express my gratitude to them.

*T/N: Referring to skater Shoma Uno who competed without a coach for part of last season.

**T/N: Referring to how in GPF 2019, Coach Ghislain was to be accompanying Yuzuru but ended up getting delayed due to his passport getting stolen.


ă€€ă€ŒăŸăšă€ăŸă‚ă€è‡Ș戆è‡Șèș«ă€ă“ăźăƒ—ăƒ­ă‚°ăƒ©ăƒ ă«ă™ă”ăæ€ă„ć…„れがあっど。æ›Čă‚’èžă‘ă°æ„Ÿæƒ…ăŻă™ă”ăć…„ă‚ŠăŸă™ă—ă€‚ă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ă€æŒŻă‚Šăź1぀1ă€ă«ă„ă‚ă‚“ăȘæ„ć‘łă‚’èŸŒă‚ăŠă„ăŸă™ă€‚ăŸă ă€ăăźäž­ă§ă‚‚ă€ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šă‚žăƒŁăƒłăƒ—ă‚‚ćźŒæˆă•ă›ăȘă„ăšă€ăƒ—ăƒ­ă‚°ăƒ©ăƒ ăźäž€é€Łăźæ”ă‚Œăšă—ăŠäŒă‚ă‚‹ă‚‚ăźăŒäŒă‚ă‚‰ăȘくăȘăŁăŠă—ăŸă†ăšæ€ă†ăźă§ă€‚ăŸă‚ă€ćˆæˆŠă ăŁăŸăšăŻă„ăˆă€è‡Șćˆ†ăŒäŒăˆăŸă„ă“ăšăšă‹ă€ă“ăźăƒ—ăƒ­ă‚°ăƒ©ăƒ ă§èŠ‹ă›ăŸă„ă“ăšăŁăŠă„ă†ăźăŻă€ă‚žăƒŁăƒłăƒ—ăŒé€”ćˆ‡ă‚ŒăȘă‹ăŁăŸăšă„ă†æ„ć‘łă§ă‚‚ć°‘ă—ăŻèŠ‹ă›ă‚‰ă‚ŒăŸăźă‹ăȘăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ă€

Q: (With your efforts being rewarded) in the free program, what is your response?A: First, well, in this program I myself have great attachment to it. If I listen to the music I get very emotional. Of course, in each individual movement there are various meanings imbued into them. However, in all of that, if the jumps are not completed as well, I think what I want to convey with the program as a whole with its flow does not come across. So, although it was the first competition [of the season], with regard to things like what I wanted to convey, I think I was able to show a little of what I wanted to in this program, as the jumps were not interrupted.

Photo by Sponichi

Part 3

ă€€â€•â€•ă“ăźăƒ—ăƒ­ă‚°ăƒ©ăƒ ă§äŒăˆăŸă‹ăŁăŸă“ăš

 「è‡Ș戆è‡Șèș«ă€ćŽ»ćčŽăźă‚·ăƒŒă‚șăƒłă§ć…šæ—„æœŹăźă“ăšă‚‚ă‚ă‚ŠăŸă—ăŸă—ă€ă‚°ăƒ©ăƒłăƒ—ăƒȘăƒ•ă‚Ąă‚€ăƒŠăƒ«ăźă“ăšă‚‚ă‚‚ă‚ăŁăŸă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€‚ăȘかăȘか、è‡Șćˆ†ăŒæˆé•·ă—ăŠăȘいんじゃăȘいかăȘべか。あべは、だんだん闘えăȘくăȘっどいるんじゃăȘいかăȘăšă‹ă€ăă†ă„ăŁăŸæ€ă„ăŒă‚ăŁăŸă‚Šăšă‹ă—ăŠăŠă€‚é—˜ă†ăźç–ČれたăȘăŁăŠæ€ăŁăŸă‚“ă§ă™ă‚ˆă€äž€çžŹă€‚èŸžă‚ă‚‹ă“ăšăŻăŸă¶ă‚“ă„ă€ă§ă‚‚ă§ăă‚‹ă—ă€‚ăă‚Œă‚’æœ›ă‚“ă§ă„ăȘいäșșă‚‚ăŸă¶ă‚“ă€ćżœæŽă—ăŠăă ă•ă‚‹æ–čă€…ăŻăŸăă•ă‚“ă„ă‚‰ăŁă—ă‚ƒă‚‹ăšæ€ă†ă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€‚ăŸă ă€ăă†ă„ăŁăŸé—˜ă„ăźäž­ă§ă€è©Šćˆăźäž­ă§ćŸ—ă‚‰ă‚Œă‚‹é”æˆæ„Ÿăšă‹ă€è©ŠćˆăŒă‚ă‚‹ă‹ă‚‰ă“ăă€ă§ăă‚‹ă€äč—ă‚Šè¶Šăˆă‚‹ă“ăšăŒă§ăă‚‹è‹Šă—ăżăšă‹ă€ăă†ă„ăŁăŸă‚‚ăźăŒă€ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šć„œăăȘんだăȘăŁăŠă‚ă‚‰ăŸă‚ăŠæ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸăźăšă€‚ă‚ăšă€äžŠæ‰èŹ™äżĄć…Źăźè©±ăȘă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€ăŸă‚ă€ćœŒăźäž­ă«ă‚ă‚‹ă€é—˜ă„ăžăźè€ƒăˆæ–čă ăŁăŸă‚Šă€ă ă‘ă©ă€ăă“ă«ăŻçŸŽć­Šăšă„ă†ă‹ă€ă‚ăšăŻèŠćˆ¶ 犠ç‰Č*ăŒă‚ă‚‹ă“ăšăžăźè‘›è—€ă ăŁăŸă‚Šă€ăă†ă„ăŁăŸă“ăšă‹ă‚‰æœ€ç”‚çš„ă«ć‡șćź¶ă•ă‚ŒăŠă„ă‚‹ăšæ€ă†ă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€‚ăă†ă„ăŁăŸă€ăȘă‚“ă‹æ‚Ÿă‚Šăźćąƒćœ°ăźă‚ˆă†ăȘăšă“ă‚ăŸă§ă„ăŁăŸă€äžŠæ‰èŹ™äżĄć…ŹăźäŸĄć€€èŠłăšă‹ăšă‹ăšăĄă‚‡ăŁăšăźäŒŒăŠă„ă‚‹ăźă‹ăȘべ。そういったもぼをăƒȘンクさせăȘăŒă‚‰ă€æ»‘ă‚‰ă›ăŠă„ăŸă ăăŸă—ăŸă€

*appears to be a typo, meant to be 犠ç‰Č

Q: What did you want to convey with this program?

A: For me, something happened at last year’s Japanese Nationals and also the Grand Prix Finals. I felt like I wasn’t really growing, that I was slowly becoming unable to fight, those sort of thoughts were in my head. For a moment, I thought that I had become tired of competing, and I could probably give up at any point, though I think there are probably many people supporting me who don’t want that to happen. But within that fight, I realised once again that I love the feeling of accomplishment you get in a competition, the feeling of being able to do things, overcoming things, the suffering of being able to overcome hardships, etc, those feelings that exist because of competitions. Also, bringing up Uesugi Kenshin*, well, things like his perspective on battle, within that there was (a sense of) aesthetics you could say. Also, he had conflict with the fact (there were always) sacrifices that resulted from fighting, and so I think ultimately he ended up becoming a monk. So in that way, like reaching a state of enlightenment or understanding, I think maybe something like Lord Kenshin’s sense of values is kind of similar (to mine). I tried to skate while linking these kinds of things together with my performance.

*t/n: Referring to 16th century/medieval Japanese warlord Uesugi Kenshin who ruled over part of northern Japan. The music for Yuzuru’s free program this time is taken from a 1969 taiga genre (historical) drama called “Heaven and Earth” that is about Kenshin’s life. Kenshin was educated at a temple for some time in his youth and for the rest of his life was regarded as an honorable warrior, known for his religious devotion to the Buddhist god of war, Bishamonten. In an earlier comment, Yuzuru pointed out that he resonates with Kenshin’s overall view of battle/competition as always having come with a cost, or a “sacrifice.” Earlier comment was translated here: https://twitter.com/shinjistarxx/status/1342787528550723585

ă€€â€•â€•æŒŻă‚Šä»˜ă‘ăźă“ă ă‚ă‚Š

ă€€ă€Œć…šéƒšă§ă™ă€‚ăžăžăžăžăžăžă€‚ă©ă‚Œ1ă€æŹ ă‘ăŠă‚‚ă€ă“ăźăƒ—ăƒ­ă‚°ăƒ©ăƒ ăŻăŸă¶ă‚“ă€ă“ăźăƒ—ăƒ­ă‚°ăƒ©ăƒ ăŻăŁăŠă„ă†ă‹ă€ăŸă‚ă€ă“ă“æœ€èż‘ă€ă“ă“5、6ćčŽăźă‚·ăƒŒă‚șăƒłăźăƒ—ăƒ­ă‚°ăƒ©ăƒ ă«é–ąă—ăŠăŻç‰čă«ă€ăƒ—ăƒ­ă‚°ăƒ©ăƒ ăšă—ăŠæˆă‚Šç«‹ăŸăȘă„ăšæ€ă†ăźă§ă€‚ăȘă«ă‚ˆă‚Šă‚‚ă‚žăƒŁăƒłăƒ—ă‚’ćŠ›ăȘăă‚·ăƒŒăƒ ăƒŹă‚čă«è·łăčたべいうぼが、侀ç•ȘèĄšçŸăšă—ăŠćźŒæˆă§ăăŸè‰Żă‹ăŁăŸăšă“ăšă ăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă€

Q: What are the key details you’re mindful of in your choreography?

A: All of it. Hehehehe. I think if any one detail is missed this program will probably
 not just this program, but especially the programs in the last 5 or 6 seasons, probably would not be complete. More than anything, the fact I was able to jump seamlessly without exerting too much force was the best part in being able to complete the expression [of the program]. 


ă€€ă€Œăă†ă§ă™ă­ă€‚ă ă‹ă‚‰ă“ăă€æ˜šæ—„ăżăŸă„ăȘæŒ”æŠ€ă«é–ąă—ăŠăŻă€ăĄă‚‡ăŁăšè’ć‰Šă‚Šă ăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ă—ă€‚ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚ŠèŠ‹ă›ăŸă„æ°—æŒăĄăŻă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ă‚ă‚‹ă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€ăŸă ă€ăăźäž­ă§â€œă‚žăƒŁăƒłăƒ—è·łăčăŸăœă€ă‚„ăŁă»ïœžă„â€ăżăŸă„ăȘ、ăȘă‚“ă‹â€œă†ă‡ïœžă„â€ăżăŸă„ăȘæ„Ÿă˜ă˜ă‚ƒăȘくど、もっべăȘんかă‚čăƒžăƒŒăƒˆă«ă€ăŸă¶ă‚“ăƒ­ăƒ“ăƒŒă ăŁăŸă‚‰ă€ă‚‚ăŁăšă‚čăƒžăƒŒăƒˆă«ă€ă‚€ă‚źăƒȘă‚čぼロックăȘぼで、ăȘんか、ăȘă‚“ăŠă„ăˆă°ă„ă„ă‚“ă ă‚ă†ă€‚ć›œăšă‹ăă†ă„ă†ă‚“ă˜ă‚ƒăȘăăŠă€ă‚‚ăŁăšäœ™èŁ•ăŒă‚ă‚‹ăƒ­ăƒƒă‚Żă ăšæ€ă†ă‚“ă§ă™ă‚ˆă€‚ăă‚ŒăŒăŸă èĄšçŸă§ăăŠă„ăȘいかăȘăšæ˜šæ—„ăŻæ€ăŁăŸă‚“ă§ă€‚ă‚‚ăŁăšäœ™èŁ•ăźă‚ă‚‹ă€ă„ă‹ă—ăŸă‚‚ăźă«ă—ăŸă„ăȘăŁăŠă„ă†ăźăŻăĄă‚‡ăŁăšă€æ˜šæ—„ă‚’ç”‚ăˆăŠăźćçœç‚čです」

Q: Is the sense of continuity an important pillar [in your programs]?

A: Yes it is. Therefore, I think a performance like yesterday’s [short program] is still a little unrefined. There are of course emotions I’d like to show, but within that, it’s not the feeling of ‘yeah I jumped that, yahoo!’ or ‘Eyyy~’ but more…something smarter – if it was Robbie [Williams], he’d express it in a smarter way, because it’s English rock
 um, how do I put this. It’s not really about a particular country’s [rock style] but I think it’s a kind of rock with more room to play with. Yesterday I thought I am probably not able to express that yet, but reflecting on it last night, I want to do a performance with more freedom and make it feel more alive.


ă€€ă€Œăšă«ă‹ăă€ä»Šć›ž1äșșă§é•·ă„é–“ăƒˆăƒŹăƒŒăƒ‹ăƒłă‚°ă—ăŠăăŠă€ăŸă‚ă‚·ăƒ§ăƒŒăƒˆăŻă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“èȘČéĄŒăŻă‚ă‚ŠăŸă—ăŸă—ă€ăŻăŁăă‚Šèš€ăŁăŠćźŒç’§ă ăŁăŸăȘăšèš€ăˆă‚‹æŒ”æŠ€ă§ăŻăȘいですけど。ç‰čă«ăă‚‡ă†ă«é–ąă—ăŠăŻă€ă™ă”ăćź‰ćżƒă—ăŠă€è‡Ș戆è‡Șèș«ă‚‚ćź‰ćżƒă—ăŠă€ăŸăŸă€èŠ‹ăŠă„ă‚‹æ–čă€…ă‚‚ćź‰ćżƒă—ăŠèŠ‹ă‚‰ă‚Œă‚‹ă‚ˆă†ăȘ、è‡Șćˆ†æœŹæ„ăźæŒ”æŠ€ăŒă§ăăŠă„ă‚‹ăšæ€ă†ăźă§ă€‚ăƒˆăƒŹăƒŒăƒ‹ăƒłă‚°ă—ăŠăăŸă“ăšăźă‚„ă‚Šæ–čだったり、そういったもぼは間違いăȘă‹ăŁăŸă€‚ä»Šăźäœ“ă«ćˆăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ăƒˆăƒŹăƒŒăƒ‹ăƒłă‚°ăźä»•æ–čă ăŁăŸă‚Šă€æˆé•·ăźä»•æ–čăŒă§ăăŠă„ă‚‹ăšæ€ă†ăźă§ă€ăă‚Œă‚’ăŸăŸă•ă‚‰ă«ăƒ–ăƒ©ăƒƒă‚·ăƒ„ă‚ąăƒƒăƒ—ă—ăŠă€ăŸăŸă‚‚ăŁăšé›Łă—ă„ă‚žăƒŁăƒłăƒ—ă«æŒ‘ăżăȘăŒă‚‰ă€ă‚±ă‚Źă‚‚ăȘく過ごしどいけたらいいăȘăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ă€

Q: How do you want next year to take shape? A: In any case, this time I have trained for a long time by myself and well, there were of course problems in the Short Program and honestly speaking, they are not performances I can call perfect. In particular, in regards to today [Free Program], I feel very reassured, in myself and also I think those watching can feel reassured that, as they were able to see, I can do an original performance. That the way I trained was right. I think I’ve found a training method that is suitable for my current body condition, one that helps me grow, so from here on I’d like to keep refining it further and I hope that I can continue [training] without injuries while challenging harder jumps.

Photo by Sponichi

Part 4


 「ăȘんだろう。ç‰čă«äœ•ă‚’è€ƒăˆăŠă„ăŸă‚ă‘ă˜ă‚ƒăȘă„ă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€‚ăŸă ă€ă‚ăźă€ăȘんどいうんですかね、すごくいろんăȘćŠ›ă‚’ă‚‚ă‚‰ăˆăŸăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ă—ă€ăŸă‚ă€é—˜ă„æŠœă‘ăŸăȘăŁăŠă„ă†éąšă«æ€ăŁăŠă€ăă“ă«ă‚čăŁăŠç«‹ăŁăŠă„ăŸăŁăŠă„ă†æ„Ÿă˜ă§ă™ă‹ă­ă€‚ćˆ„ă«äœ•ă‹ă‚’èŠ‹ăŠă„ăŸă‚ă‘ă˜ă‚ƒăȘくど、むしろè‡Șćˆ†ăŒé•ă†ăšă“ă‚ă‹ă‚‰èŠ‹ăŠă„ăŸæ„ŸèŠšă ăŁăŸăźă§ă€

Q: At the end of your program for a few seconds, what did you see?

A: What was it? It wasn’t as though I was thinking about anything in particular. It’s just…how do I put this
 I felt like I had received a huge amount of various kinds of energies, and it was like I had finally come out of this battle, so I stood there afterwards – that sort of feeling. It wasn’t really like I was looking at something but rather, it felt like I was watching from a different place. 


 「ăȘă‚“ă‹ă‚ăźă€ăŸă‚ă‚·ă‚§ă‚€ăźă€ăȘă‚“ăŠă„ă†ă‚“ă§ă™ă‹ă­ă€ă–ăŁăă‚Šăšă—ăŸă‚€ăƒĄăƒŒă‚žăȘんですけど、ăȘんかç”Čć†‘ă‚‰ă—ă„ă‚“ă§ă™ă‚ˆă€ăă‚‚ăă‚‚ă€‚ïŒˆèș«æŒŻă‚Šæ‰‹æŒŻă‚Šă‚’ăŸă˜ăˆïŒ‰ăȘă‚“ă‹éŽ§ăŒă“ă“ă«ćˆăŁăŠă€ă“ă“ă«ć…œăŒă‚ă‚‹ăżăŸă„ăȘă‚€ăƒĄăƒŒă‚žă§ă‚„ăŁăŠă„ăŸăżăŸă„ăȘă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€‚ćƒ•ăźäž­ă§ăŻă‚ăźă€â€œć€©ăšćœ°ăšâ€ăŁăŠâ€œăšâ€ă§ç”‚ă‚ăŁăŠă„ăŠă€ă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ć€§æČłăƒ‰ăƒ©ăƒžăźă‚żă‚€ăƒˆăƒ«ă‚’ăăźăŸăŸäœżă‚ă›ăŠă„ăŸă ă„ăŸă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€è‡Șćˆ†ăźäž­ă§ăŻă€ć€©ăšćœ°ăšă€äșșïŒˆă˜ă‚“ïŒ‰ă€äșșăČăšïŒ‰ă€ă‚‚ă—ăăŻè‡Ș戆みたいăȘă‚€ăƒĄăƒŒă‚žăŒă€çŸœç”Ÿç”ćŒŠăżăŸă„ăȘă‚€ăƒĄăƒŒă‚žăŒă‚ăŁăŠă€‚ă§ă€ăăźă€ïŒˆèș«æŒŻă‚Šæ‰‹æŒŻă‚Šă‚’ăŸă˜ăˆïŒ‰ă“ă“ăŁăŠăŸă¶ă‚“ć€©ăšćœ°ăźé–“ă ăšæ€ă†ă‚“ă§ă™ă‚ˆă€ă§ă€ăă“ă«ă‚ȘレがいるんだぞっどいうようăȘă‚€ăƒĄăƒŒă‚žă§è‡Șćˆ†ăšă—ăŠăŻæ„ć‘łă‚’ă€ă‘ăŠă‚„ăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă€

Q: What is the meaning behind the choreography of the beginning?

A: Well, it’s Shae’s [idea]… how should I put it, it’s kind of like a rough image but, I heard that it is an image meant to be like a warrior’s armor and helmet, originally. (Gesturing with his body and hands) Like, [she had] an image that here would be the armor, and here would be like a helmet. In my mind, “Heaven, and Earth, and”* ends with [the word] “and,” which of course, I’m using from the title of the taiga (historical) drama as is, but in my mind, I had an image of heaven and earth, and humanity, or a person, perhaps myself, like an image that it’s “Yuzuru Hanyu.” I think (with gestures) that in this space, it’s maybe in between heaven and the earth, then (in that space) I meant for it to be an image of as if I am there.

*T/N: Referring to the title of his program, ć€©ăšćœ°ăš (“Heaven and Earth, and”), which is taken from a 1960s taiga (historical) drama of the same name.


ă€€ă€ŒăŸă‚ă€ă‚ăźă€ă†ïœžă‚“ă€ăŸă‚æœ€ćˆăźç”ç¶ăŻăăźăŸă‚“ăŸă€æ›ČăăźăŸă‚“ăŸă§ă‚ăŁăŸç”ç¶ăȘăźă§ă€‚ăŸă‚ă€æ›Čăźæ”ă‚Œăšă—ăŠă€ăȘă‚“ă‹é—˜ă„ă«ă„ăăžăšă„ă†ă‹ă€ă‚ă‚‹æ„ć‘łă€æ±șæ„ă‚’èŸŒă‚ăŸă€ăă†ă§ă™ă­ă€æ±șæ„ă‚’èŸŒă‚ăŸă€é—˜ă„ă«èĄŒăăŸă‚ăźæș–ć‚™ăżăŸă„ăȘæ„Ÿă˜ăźæ±șæ„ă«æș€ăĄăŠă„ă‚‹æ„ŸèŠšă§ă™ă€‚ă§ă€æœ€ćŸŒăźæœ€ćŸŒă«ă‚€ăƒŠăƒă‚Šă‚ąăƒŒç”‚ă‚ăŁăŸćŸŒăźă‚čピンやりăȘăŒă‚‰ăźç”ç¶ă«é–ąă—ăŠăŻă€ă‚ăă“ăŻăă‚‚ăă‚‚ă‚ă‚‹éŸłă˜ă‚ƒăȘăăŠă€ă‚ăźç”ç¶ăźéŸłă‚’ăĄă‚‡ăŁăšé•ă†ăšă“ă‚ă‹ă‚‰æŒăŁăŠăăŠă€é•ă†æ›Čべ重ねど、ă‚ȘăƒȘă‚žăƒŠăƒ«ăȘă‚‚ăźă«ă—ăŠă„ă‚‹ă‚“ă§ă™ă‚ˆă€‚ă‚ăă“ăŻăȘんかコレă‚Șă‚čăƒ†ăƒƒăƒ—ăźæ™‚ă«ă€ă‚‚ă†é—˜ă„ăŸăăȘă„ă‚“ă ă‘ă©ă€ćźˆă‚‰ăȘくどはいけăȘă„ăŁăŠæ„ć‘łă§é—˜ă„ă€ă€ă€ă§ă€æœ€ćŸŒă€èŹ™äżĄć…ŹăŒć‡șćź¶ă™ă‚‹æ™‚ă«ă€è‡Șćˆ†ăźćŠç”Ÿă‚’æ€ă„æă„ăŠă„ă‚‹ă‚ˆă†ăȘă‚€ăƒĄăƒŒă‚žă§ă€ăă“ă«ç”ç¶ă‚’é‡ă­ăŠăżăŸă—ăŸă€ă€‚

Q: This song makes good use of the sound of the biwa. (Japanese lute)

A: Well…hmmm, the biwa sound in the beginning of the song is taken as it was from the original piece. In terms of the flow of the song, it’s full of determination, like we’re going to fight, or filled with a sense of preparing to go into battle. And at the end, after the Ina Bauer, the biwa sound while spinning is not a sound that exists in the first place, but a sound that I brought from a different piece of music* and layered it with a different song to make it original. There during the ChSq, the image is of [Kenshin] who doesn’t want to fight anymore, but that he must continue to fight in order to protect. In the end, when Lord Kenshin is entering his priesthood, he is reflecting on the half of his life thus far, so with that image in mind, I tried to overlay the sound of the biwa there. 

*T/N: Different song or different part from the same song, it’s not clear

Image credit: https://blog.promolta.com/4-japanese-instruments/


ă€€ă€Œæ—„æœŹéąšăȘă‚ˆă‚Šæ—„æœŹéąšă«æŒăŁăŠèĄŒăăŸă‹ăŁăŸăźă§ă€‚ă‚ăă“ăŻè‡Șćˆ†ăźäž­ă§ăŻäżĄçŽ„ć…Źăšé—˜ăŁăŸćŸŒă«ă€ć·äž­ćł¶ă§é—˜ăŁăŸćŸŒă«ă€éœ§ă«ćŒ…ăŸă‚ŒăŠé›ąă‚Œă°ăȘă‚Œă«ăȘっど、è‡Șćˆ†ăšć‘ăćˆăŁăŠă„ă‚‹æ™‚é–“ăżăŸă„ăȘæ„Ÿă˜ăȘんで。琮ぼ音べかでè‡Ș戆べ搑き搈いăȘがら、è‡Șćˆ†ăźéŒ“ć‹•ăŒéłŽăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ăźăšă‹ă€èĄ€ăŒæ”ă‚ŒăŠă„ă‚‹æ„ŸèŠšăšă‹ă€ă‚čっずæźșæ°—ăŒèœăĄăŠă„ăæ„Ÿă˜ăŒæ„Ÿă˜ă‚‰ă‚ŒăŸă‚‰ă„ă„ăȘăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ă€‚ă“ăźăƒ—ăƒ­ă‚°ăƒ©ăƒ ăźéžæ›Čè‡Șäœ“ăŻè‡Ș戆がやっどいるんで。遾æ›Č、線集もかăȘă‚ŠăƒăƒŒă‚žăƒ§ăƒłäœœăŁăŠă‚„ăŁăŸăźă§ă€éŸłè‡Șäœ“ă«ă‚‚ă™ă”ă„èŸŒă‚ă‚‰ă‚ŒăŠă„ăŸă™ă—ă€‚ăŸă ă€ćƒ•ăŻéŸłæ„œćź¶ă§ăŻăȘいたで、やっぱりă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆăšćˆă‚ă›ăŸäžŠă§ăźă‚‚ăźă«ăȘっどいるぼかăȘăšă„ă†æ€ă„ăŻă‚ă‚ŠăŸă™ă€ă€‚

Q: How about the koto? (Japanese harp-like instrument)

A: I wanted to make the program even more ‘Japonesque’. At that part, in my mind, the feeling is meant to be like after [Kenshin] has fought Lord Shingen*; it is after their fight at Kawanakajima, and they are enveloped by fog and then separated (from one another’s view) so they are (left to) face their own selves. I thought it would be nice to have the sound of the biwa to feel that sense of facing yourself, where your own heartbeat is ringing in your ears, and maybe also that sensation of blood flowing, and then suddenly that sense of bloodlust and the need to kill subsides. For this program, I chose the piece myself. In picking the music, I made quite many versions editing it too, including the sound itself. However, I’m not a musician, so I do wonder if it matches the skating.

*t/n: Referring to another 16th century Japanese warlord, Takeda Shingen, who was famously known for having a long-standing rivalry with Kenshin. The two clashed many times at the site of Kawanakajima, which is located in present-day Nagano (incidentally close to Nagano Big Hat, the arena where this competition was held). 

Image credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koto_(instrument)



Q: What meaning does this competition hold in your competitive career?

A: I think what I said when the competition first started was everything. Should I call it my own desire, um, it’s a very personal opinion, so even now I’m still conflicted whether I can stick with that. It’s very personal, and if the World Championships happen, if I don’t get closer to it in advance a bit, I have the impression that it’d become difficult later. So, um, it felt like reaching for the light that I want to grasp for in the dark world that is the current COVID19 pandemic.



Q: What do you think about restarting at Nagano this time?

A: Of course, even though I have a good impression [of the venue], on the contrary, exactly because I have a good impression of it, I was afraid of breaking that, and feared that I would be caught up in it. I’ve had a long competitive career until now, finally. Rather than the techniques or the technical level, it’s so cool to be able to use your mentality, or your experiences in interpersonal sports like Federer in tennis and of course, Kodaira in [speed] skating. I honestly think it’s hard to make use of those things in figure skating. Even when I’ve become a veteran, I can’t utilize them well. But I’ve finally been able to make it work at this competition.

[ENG SUB] Yuzuru Hanyu – 24Hr TV and News Every Feature – 250820

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[ENG TRANSLATION] Development of Figure Skating by Hanyu’s influence in Peru.


↑Original article 16.10.2017 Mainichi Shinbun

 2017ćčŽ10月16æ—„ ă€€æŻŽæ—„æ–°èž

Sisters posing in front of Hanyu’s picture.  The longing for figure skating powerhouse Japan is strong.

ć—ç±łăƒšăƒ«ăƒŒă§ă€ă„ă€ă‹ăƒ•ă‚Łă‚źăƒ„ă‚ąă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆă§äș”èŒȘにć‡șć Žă™ă‚‹ăšă„ă†ć€ąă‚’æŒă€è‹„è€…ăŸăĄăŒă„ă‚‹ă€‚ïŒ•äșșăźéžæ‰‹ă§ć§‹ăŸăŁăŸă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆæ•™ćź€ăŻă‚ăšă‹ïŒ•ćčŽă§ïŒ‘äșșă‚’è¶…ăˆăŸă€‚

In Peru, South America, there are young people who have the dream of participating in Olympic figure skating someday. The skating class started with five skaters and exceeded 150 in just five years.

ć›œéš›èŠæ ŒăźćŠćˆ†ăźćșƒă•ă—かăȘいăƒȘăƒłă‚Żă‚’äœżă„ă€ăƒ­ăƒŒăƒ©ăƒŒă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆăƒ•ă‚Łă‚źăƒ„ă‚ąäž–ç•Œéžæ‰‹æš©ć‡ș栮べいう異è‰Čăźç”Œæ­Žă‚’æŒă€æŒ‡ć°Žè€…ăźäž‹ă€æ˜Žă‚‹ăé™œæ°—ăȘæŒ‘æˆŠăŒç¶šă„ăŠă„ă‚‹ă€‚

They use rinks that are only half the size of international standards, but a bright and cheerful challenge proceeds under a leader who has the unique background of having competed in the roller skating world championship.

ăƒȘăƒžćž‚ć†…ăźäž­ćżƒéƒšă«ă‚ă‚‹éŠæˆŻæ–œèš­ć†…ă§ă€ć­ă©ă‚‚ăŸăĄăźćŁ°ăŒéŸżăæžĄă‚‹ă€‚ïŒ’ïŒïŒ‘ïŒ‘ćčŽă«ćźŒæˆă—ăŸăšă„ă†ćŒć›œćˆăźćžžèš­ăƒȘăƒłă‚Żă€Œă‚ąă‚€ă‚čăƒ©ăƒłăƒ‰ăƒ‘ăƒŒă‚Żă€ă ă€‚
Children’s voices echo in the play facilities in the center of Lima.  It’s the first permanent rink in the country, Iceland Park, which was completed in 2011.

“Did you come from Japan?  There’s no one here who doesn’t know about Yuzuru Hanyu.”  Children from countries on the other side of the globe from Japan are familiar with the 2014 Sochi Olympic men’s gold medalist.


Argentinian Sergio Lois (37) was invited to lead classes in 2012.  Skating classes began with teaching basic technique.

The turning point was the South American Championship, hosted by clubs from 5 different nations , which was held for the first time in 2015.

ăƒ•ă‚Łă‚źăƒ„ă‚ąă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆăšăŻçžé ă„ć›œćŒćŁ«ă§ć”ćŠ›ă—ćˆă„ă€éžæ‰‹ăŸăĄă«ć›œéš›è©Šćˆăźæ©ŸäŒšă‚’èš­ă‘ăŸă€‚ăƒšăƒ«ăƒŒăŻć‡șć Žéžæ‰‹ăŒć„ăƒŹăƒ™ăƒ«ă§â€œé‡‘ăƒĄăƒ€ăƒ«â€ă‚’æ‰‹ă«ă—ăŠè‡ȘäżĄă‚’æ·±ă‚ăŸă€‚ä»ŠćčŽïŒ‘ïŒ‘æœˆăźă‚šă‚Żă‚ąăƒ‰ăƒ«ă§ăźć€§äŒšă«ăŻçŽ„ïŒ”ïŒäșșが揂抠するäșˆćźšă ă€‚

This was cooperation among countries that are not familiar with figure skating, and creating opportunities for international competitions for skaters. 

In Peru, the skaters gained confidence with gold medals at each level.  Approximately 40 people will participate in the event in Ecuador this November.

çŹŹïŒ‘ć›žć€§äŒšă§ć„Șć‹ă—ăŸăƒ’ăƒĄăƒŠăƒ»ă‚Șăƒ«ăƒžăƒăƒ„ă‚ąïŒˆïŒ‘ïŒ—ïŒ‰ăŻă€Œăƒšăƒ«ăƒŒăšă„ăˆă°ă‚”ăƒƒă‚«ăƒŒă‹ăƒăƒŹăƒŒă€‚äșșăšé•ă†ç«¶æŠ€ăŒă—ăŸă‹ăŁăŸă€‚ăƒȘăƒłă‚Żă§æ»‘ă‚‹ăšăŸă‚‹ă§éŁ›ă‚“ă§ă„ă‚‹ă‚ˆă†ăȘæ°—ćˆ†ă€ăšć€ąäž­ă ă€‚

Himena Olmaturia (17), who won the first competition, is very passionate about skating:  “Peru is a nation known for being good at football or volleyball. I wanted to try a different sport.  I feel like I am flying when I skate in the rink.”

ă ăŒă€æ–œèš­ăŻäș”èŒȘă‚’ç›źæŒ‡ă™ă«ăŻă”ă•ă‚ă—ă„ăšăŻèš€ă„é›Łă„ă€‚ćșƒă•ăŻé•·ă•ïŒ“ïŒ’ăƒĄăƒŒăƒˆăƒ«ă€ćč…ïŒ‘ïŒ”ăƒĄăƒŒăƒˆăƒ«ă€‚äș”èŒȘăȘă©ă§æœ›ăŸă—ă„ăšă•ă‚Œă‚‹ć›œéš›èŠæ ŒïŒˆïŒ–ïŒăƒĄăƒŒăƒˆăƒ«Ă—ïŒ“ïŒăƒĄăƒŒăƒˆăƒ«ïŒ‰ăźćŠćˆ†çš‹ćșŠă€‚ăƒ“ăƒ‹ăƒŒăƒ«èŁœăźćč•ă«èŠ†ă‚ă‚ŒăŠă„ă‚‹ăŒă€ćźŒć…šăȘć±‹ć†…æ–œèš­ă§ăŻăȘăć±‹æ čă‹ă‚‰ăźæ°Žæ»ŽăŒæ°·ă‚’ă†ăŒă€ă€‚

However, it is difficult to say that the facility is suitable to prepare for the Olympics.  It is 32 meters in length and 14 meters in width – about half of the international standard (60 meters by 30 meters), which is considered desirable for the Olympics and other competitions.  Covered with a vinyl curtain, it is not a completely indoor facility. Water drips from the ceiling, hitting the ice.

æ”żćșœăŻăƒŠăƒ‹ăƒ›ăƒŒăƒ ăȘă©ăźæ”Żç”ŠăŻă—ăŠă‚‚ă€æ–œèš­ăŒæ°‘é–“äŒæ„­ă§ă‚ă‚‹ăŸă‚é€Łç›Ÿèš­ç«‹ăŻèȘă‚ăŠă„ăȘă„ă€‚ă“ăźăŸă‚ă€ć›œéš›ă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆé€Łç›ŸïŒˆïŒ©ïŒłïŒ”ïŒ‰ă«ă‚‚ćŠ ç›Ÿă—ăŠă„ăȘい。

éžæ‰‹ăźæŠ€é‡ă‚‚æ—„æœŹăȘă‚‰ă°ćˆćżƒè€…ăƒŹăƒ™ăƒ«ă ă€‚ăƒˆăƒƒăƒ—éžæ‰‹ăźäž€äșșであるă‚Șăƒ«ăƒžăƒăƒ„ă‚ąăŻïŒ–çšźéĄžă‚ă‚‹ă‚žăƒŁăƒłăƒ—ăźă†ăĄäœ•ăšă‹ïŒ”çšźéĄžă§ïŒ‘ć›žè»ąă‚žăƒŁăƒłăƒ—ă‚’è·łăčă‚‹ă‚ˆă†ă«ăȘăŁăŸăŒă€ćŠæ•°ä»„äžŠăŻç«¶æŠ€æ­ŽïŒ‘ćčŽæœȘæș€ă ă€‚

Even though the government provides uniforms, it doesn’t allow the establishment of a federation because the facility is a private entity.  For this reason, Peru is not a member of the International Skating Union (ISU).

Their technical skills are also similar to the level of beginners in Japan. Olmaturia, one of the top skaters, has learned to 4 single jumps out of the 6 types of jumps. More than half of the skaters have less than a year of competitive experience.  


Still, they are full of passion.  In the choreographic practice, while music flows, the atmosphere becomes lively like at a real competition and the skaters’ motivations rise up. An expensive apparatus for practicing jumps was handmade by a supporter.


Mr. Lois, who teaches the skaters, talked about his dream.  “Practice environment, great talent, discipline – Japan has everything necessary for competition.  Even if it takes 10 or 20 years, I would like my skaters to win the Olympics and world championships like Japanese skaters.”

[ENG TRANSLATION] Yuzuru Hanyu x Waseda Sports Part 3 – Excerpt from Press Conference Announcing the Japanese Representatives

This is Part 3 of 3 of an article from Wasedasports.com published on 24 December 2019 which is a collection of excerpts from different interviews that Yuzuru Hanyu gave after the Japanese Nationals. Part 3 is an excerpt from the press conference after announcing the Japanese representatives who will be participating in the Four Continents Championship and the World Championship. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

Translation: @yuzueco
Proofreading: @blueflame4yuzu, @axelsandwich

â€•â€•äž–ç•Œéžæ‰‹æš©ăźä»ŁèĄšă«æ±șćźšă—ăŸă—ăŸă€‚ä»Šăźæ°—æŒăĄă‚’ăŠèžă‹ă›ăă ă•ă„ă€‚

You have been chosen as a representative for the World Championships. Please tell us how you feel now.

ăŸăšäž–ç•Œéžæ‰‹æš©ă«éžă‚“ă§ă‚‚ă‚‰ăˆăŸăźă§ă€ă“ă‚Œă‹ă‚‰ă©ă‚Œă ă‘é ‘ćŒ”ă‚Šăă‚Œă‚‹ă‹ăšă„ă†ăźăŻæ™‚é–“ăŒă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ă‹ă‹ă‚‹ă“ăšă‚‚ă‚ă‚ŠăŸă™ă—ă€æ™‚é–“ăŒă‹ă‹ă‚‰ăȘă„ă“ăšă‚‚ă‚ă‚ŠăŸă™ă—ă€ăăźäžĄæ–čă‚’ă—ăŁă‹ă‚Šăšäœœă‚ŠäžŠă’ăŠă€äž–ç•Œă«ć‘ă‘ăŠă—ăŁă‹ă‚ŠćŒ·ă„è‡Șćˆ†ă«æˆ»ă—ăŠæˆŠă„ăŸă„ăȘăšæ€ă„ăŸă—ăŸă€‚

First of all, since I was chosen for the World Championship, it may take time to decide how much I can do from now on, and there are things that will take time and things that does not take much time , and I want to properly build on both of those and return to my strongest self for Worlds and fight.

â€•â€•ć››ć€§é™žéžæ‰‹æš©ăžăźć‡șć ŽăŻçă—ă„ă“ăšă ăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ăŒă€ăȘぜć‡șă‚ˆă†ăšæ€ăŁăŸăźă§ă™ă‹ă€‚ăŸăŸă€ă“ăšă—ăŻćŁăŒă„ă‚ă„ă‚ă‚ă‚ŠăŸă—ăŸăŒă€ă“ăźäșŒă€ăźè©Šćˆă«ć‘ă‘ăŠă„ă‹ăŒă§ă™ă‹

It is rare for you to participate in the Four Continents Championships, why did you decide to do it? Also, there were many challenges this year, how will you face these two competitions coming up?

ăŸăšć››ć€§é™žă«ćžŒæœ›ă‚’ć‡șă—ăŸăźăŻă€ă‚„ăŻă‚Šăă“ă§ć…šćŠ›ă§ă‚ăŸă‚ŠăŸă„ăšă„ă†æ°—æŒăĄăŒă‚ăŁăŠă€‚ă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ă‚żă‚€ăƒˆăƒ«ă‚’çČă‚ŠăŸă„ăŁăŠă„ă†æ°—æŒăĄăŒćŒ·ăă‚ăŁăŠă€ăă‚Œă‚’ç‹™ă„ăŸă„ăȘăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€ăȘんか、䞀぀たă‚čăƒ†ăƒƒăƒ—ăšă—ăŠć››ć€§é™žéžæ‰‹æš©ă«ć‡șたæ–čが、è‡Șćˆ†ăšă—ăŠă‚‚æˆé•·ă§ăă‚‹ă‚“ă˜ă‚ƒăȘいかăȘăŁăŠă„ă†ă‚ˆă†ă«æ„Ÿă˜ăŠă€ä»Šć›žćžŒæœ›ă‚’ć‡șă—ăŸă—ăŸă€‚ă‚ăšăŻä»Šć›žăźè©Šćˆă‚‚ăă†ăȘă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă‚Œă©ă€ă‚„ăŻă‚Šè©Šćˆă‚’ç”Œă‚‹ă”ăšă«ă„ă‚ă‚“ăȘă“ăšă‚’ç”Œéš“ă—ăŠă€ăă‚Œă‹ă‚‰ăŸăŸă„ă‚ă‚“ăȘă“ăšă‚’ćžćŽă—ăŠćŒ·ăăȘăŁăŠă„ă‘ă‚‹ăšæ€ă†ăźă§ă€‚ăŸăŸă„ă‚ă‚“ăȘă“ăšă‚’ć››ć€§é™žă ă‘ă˜ă‚ƒăȘăăŠă€äž–ç•Œéžæ‰‹æš©ă ă‘ă˜ă‚ƒăȘăăŠă€ă‚·ăƒŸăƒ„ăƒŹăƒŒă‚·ăƒ§ăƒłă ăŁăŸă‚Šă€ă»ă‹ăźè©Šćˆă«ć‡șă‚‹ă ăŁăŸă‚Šă€æœŹćœ“ă«ă„ă‚ă‚“ăȘă“ăšă‚’è€ƒăˆăŠă„ă‚ă„ă‚ă‚„ăŁăŠă„ă‘ăŸă‚‰ă„ă„ăȘăšă„ă†éąšă«æ€ă„ăŸă™ă€‚ć››ć€§é™žăŻïŒ‘ă€ăźćƒ•ăźćŁăȘăźă§ă€‚ăă“ă§ăƒă‚€ă‚”ăƒłă«ćœ“ăŸă‚‹ă‹ă‚‚ă—ă‚ŒăȘă„ă§ă™ă—ă€ăŸăšăŻă„ăŸèČ ă‘ăŠă—ăŸăŁăŸă—ă‚‡ăƒŒăŸăšă„ă†ćŁăŒă‚ă‚‹ăźă§ă€ăƒ™ă‚čăƒˆă‚łăƒłăƒ‡ă‚Łă‚·ăƒ§ăƒłă§æ€ă„ăă‚Šă¶ă€ă‹ă‚ŠăŸă„ăȘăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ă€‚

First of all , I applied to participate in the Four Continents because I want to tackle that competition with all my might. Of course I have a strong desire to get the title and am aiming for it, but somehow I feel that as a step, participating in Four Continents might help me grow, so I submitted the request. And it’s the same for this competition as well, I experience various things through the competitions and I think I can once again absorb many experiences and become stronger from them. Also I think it would be good if I could do simulations and other competitions, and truly think about and do various things, not only just Four Continents and the World Championships. Four Continents is one of my walls. I might compete with Nathan there, but for now, there is a wall called “Shoma”, whom I lost to, so I want to prepare myself and fight fully in my best condition.


As you will be participating in the Four Continents Championships, I wonder if you will spend less time practicing new jumps. What do you think about that?

曛性陞にć‡șă‚‹ă“ăšă«ă‚ˆăŁăŠă€ăă‚Œă‚‚çż’ćŸ—ă™ă‚‹ă‚čăƒ†ăƒƒăƒ—ă«ă—ăŸă„ăȘăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă€‚ăă‚ŒïŒˆïŒ”ć›žè»ąă‚ąă‚Żă‚»ăƒ«ïŒ‰ăŁăŠă„ă†ăźăŻă€ăŸă‚èš€ă‚ăȘăăŠă‚‚ć€šćˆ†ă‚ă‹ă‚‹ăšæ€ă†ă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€‚æœŹćœ“ă«ă„ăŸćœ§ć€’çš„ăȘæ­Šć™šăŒćż…èŠă§ă€‚ă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“ăă‚ŒăŻïŒ”ć›žè»ąăƒ«ăƒƒăƒ„ă«æŻ”ăčăŸă‚‰ïŒ‘ç‚čぐらいしか違いはăȘă„ă§ă™ă—ă€ăă‚Œăă‚‰ă„ăźäŸĄć€€ăźă‚ă‚‹ă€ă‚„ă‚‹ăčきもぼăȘăźă‹ă€ă˜ă‚ƒă‚ïŒ”ć›žè»ąăƒ«ăƒƒăƒ„ă‚’ïŒ’ć›žă‚„ăŁăŸæ–čがいいんじゃăȘă„ă‹ă€ăŁăŠă€‚ăŸă‚è‡Ș戆è‡Șèș«ă‚‚æ€ă„ăŸă™ă€‚ăŸă ă€ă“ă‚ŒăŻă‚„ăŻă‚Šćƒ•è‡Șèș«ăźăƒ—ăƒ©ă‚€ăƒ‰ăȘたで。今たă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆă‚’æ”ŻăˆăŠă„ă‚‹èŠŻăȘăźă§ă€ç”¶ćŻŸă«è·łăłăŸă„ăȘăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă€‚ăă‚Œă‚‚ć«ă‚ăŸäžŠă§ć››ć€§é™žă€ă©ă†ă„ă†éąšă«ă“ăȘă—ăŠă„ăă‹ă€ć››ć€§é™žè‡Șäœ“ă‚’ă©ă‚Œă ă‘æˆé•·ă§ăă‚‹ć Žă«ă™ă‚‹ă‹ăŁăŠă„ă†ă“ăšă‚’è€ƒăˆăŠă€ä»Šć›žă‚šăƒłăƒˆăƒȘăƒŒă‚’ćžŒæœ›ă—ăŸă—ăŸă€‚

By going to the Four Continents, I would like to make it a step towards learning it. Well I don’t have to say what “it” (4A) is, you understand. I really need an absolutely strong weapon now. Of course, there’s only about one point difference with the 4Lz, so is it worth it, or is it worth doing, or is it better to do the 4Lz twice? I’ve actually considered that. But this pertains to my personal pride, after all. It is a core (desire) which supports my skating now, so I definitely want to do it. With that in mind, I thought about my approach to the Four Continents, thinking of Four Continents as a place to see how much I have been able to progress, and submitted my request to participate this time.


About the jumps that were not included in the layout in this competition, what are your thoughts about doing them in future competitions?

ăŸăšă‚·ăƒ§ăƒŒăƒˆă«ă€ă„ăŠă€ć‰ćŠă«ć›șめる぀もりはăȘいぼで、æ›ČをèȘżæ•Žă™ă‚‹ăȘりどういう鹚ăȘçŠ¶æ…‹ă§éŁ›ăłă«èĄŒăăźăŒäž€ç•Șçąș率が侊がっど侀ç•Șç¶șéș—ă«ă€ăă—ăŠăƒ—ăƒ­ă‚°ăƒ©ăƒ ă«æș¶ă‘èŸŒă‚“ă çŠ¶æ…‹ă§éŁ›ăčă‚‹ă‹ăŁăŠă„ă†ăźă‚’ăĄă‚‡ăŁăšæšĄçŽąă—ăȘăŒă‚‰è€ƒăˆăŠă„ăăŸă„ăȘăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă€‚ăƒ•ăƒȘăƒŒăŻă“ăźæ§‹æˆă§ă‚„ă‚‹ă€ă‚‚ă‚ŠăŻć…šăăȘă„ăźă§ă€ă“ă‚Œă‹ă‚‰äœ•ă‚’ć„Șć…ˆă—ăŠă‚„ă‚‹ă‹ăŁăŠă„ă†ă“ăšă‚‚è€ƒăˆăȘきゃいけăȘă„ăšæ€ăŁăŠă€‚ïŒˆïŒ”ć›žè»ąïŒ‰ăƒ«ăƒƒăƒ„ă‚’ć„Șć…ˆă—ăŠă‚„ă‚‹ă‚“ă ăŁăŸă‚‰ă€ă‚„ăŻă‚ŠïŒ‘ç™șç›źă«è·łă‚“ă æ–čがçąșćźŸă«ćź‰ćźšăŻă™ă‚‹ăšæ€ă†ăźă§ă€ăƒ«ăƒƒăƒ„ă‚’è·łă¶ăźă‹ă€‚ăă‚Œă‹ïŒˆïŒ”ć›žè»ąïŒ‰ă‚ąă‚Żă‚»ăƒ«ă‚’æœŹćœ“ă«è·łăłăŸă„ă€è·łăčă‚‹ă€ăšă„ă†ăšă“ă‚ăŸă§æ„ăŸăźăȘă‚‰ă€ăă“ă‹ă‚‰ă‚ąă‚Żă‚»ăƒ«ăźćŸŒă‚’ă©ă†ă™ă‚‹ă‹ă€‚ă‚ąă‚Żă‚»ăƒ«ăźćŸŒăƒ«ăƒƒăƒ„ăŁăŠă‚„ăŁăŸă‚‰ă€èČ æ‹…ăŒăŸă ç”¶ćŻŸć€§ăă„ăšæ€ă†ăźă§ă€ăă†ă„ă†ăšă“ă‚ă‚‚ïŒ‘ă€ïŒ‘ă€è€ƒăˆăȘăŒă‚‰ă€‚ăŸă ă€ă‚ąă‚Żă‚»ăƒ«ă‚’ć…„ă‚Œă‚‹æ„ć‘łăŁăŠă„ă†ăźăŻæ–°ă—ă„çšźéĄžăźïŒ”ć›žè»ąăŒćą—ăˆă‚‹ăšă„ă†ă“ăšă ăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ăźă§ă€ăă‚Œă‚’ă†ăŸăćˆ©ç”šă§ăăȘă„ăźă§ă‚ă‚Œă°ă‚„ă‚‹æ„ć‘łăŻăȘă„ăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă—ă€ăă‚Œăă‚‰ă„ăźćœŸć°ă‚’äœœă‚‰ăȘいべいけăȘいăȘăšă„ă†ă“ăšă‚‚æ„Ÿă˜ăŠă„ăŸă™ă€‚

First of all, about the SP, the first half of the program is not set in stone, I’d like to think about how to adjust the music and how to jump in the best way to achieve the best rate of success and beauty and figure out how to jump so that it is blended in with the program. I don’t intend to do this layout for the FS at all, so I have to think about what I should prioritise from now on. If I prioritise jumping the 4Lz, I think it will certainly be more stable if I jump it as the first jump. So should I do that? Or if I really want to jump the 4A and get to the level that I can put that in the program, what should I do after the 4A? If I do the Lutz after the Axel, it would definitely be a big burden, so I have to think about those things one by one. However, I think the meaning of putting 4A in is to increase the types of quad jumps, so if I can’t make good use of it, I don’t think it’s worth doing it, and I also feel that I have to build a strong foundation in order to achieve that.

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[ENG TRANSLATION] Yuzuru Hanyu x Waseda Sports Part 1 – Excerpt from Group Interview

This is Part 1 of 3 of an article from Wasedasports.com published on 24 December 2019 which is a collection of excerpts from different interviews that Yuzuru Hanyu gave after the Japanese Nationals. Part 1 is an excerpt from a group interview. Parts 2 and 3 to come.

Translation: @yuzueco
Proofreading: @blueflame4yuzu, @axelsandwich


What did you think of today’s free program ?


Well, I feel that I am weak. I said this two weeks before (at GPF) as well, but I feel that I am weak.


You participated in the Japanese nationals for the first time in four years and many fans were cheering you on passionately.

こんăȘæŒ”æŠ€ă§ă‚‚æœŹćœ“ă«ăŸăă•ă‚“ăźæ–čă€…ăŒă™ă”ăćżœæŽă—ăŠăă ă•ăŁăŠă„ăŠă€æœ€ćŸŒăŸă§ćŠ›ă‚’ăă ă•ăŁăŠă„ăŠă€‚ăŸă‚æœ€ćŸŒăźæœ€ćŸŒă“ă‘ăĄă‚ƒă„ăŸă—ăŸă‘ă©ă€æ­Żă‚’éŁŸă„ă—ă°ăŁăŠă‚„ă‚ŒăŸăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ăźă§ă€‚æœ€ćŸŒăŸă§èŠ‹ăŠăă ă•ăŁăŠă‚ă‚ŠăŒăšă†ă”ă–ă„ăŸă™ăšă—ă‹èš€ăˆăȘいです。

So many people were cheering me on and giving me power until the end despite my poor performance. I fell on the very last jump, but I think I gritted my teeth and did it. I can only say that I appreciate that they watched my performance until the end.


Your next competition is the World Championships.


It is…I’m not sure which competition I am going to participate in yet, but I am really weak now. There is no way that I can compete well without landing the quad loop and the toe loop, and also the triple axel, there’s truly no way. I am very unsatisfied with my current self. I’m kuyashii. If there is another chance, I will work hard for the next competition.


What’s your thoughts on how to become stronger?


I don’t know. I think I was doing the best I could do, I felt good until the 6 min warm up, and the feeling was not that bad. It was like I could feel the dissonance between my mental and physical condition


What’s your thoughts on your layout this time?

憒頭からミă‚čă—ăŠăƒ«ăƒƒăƒ„æŠœă‘ăŠă€è‰Čă€…è€ƒăˆăŸă—ăŸă­ă€‚ă©ă“ă§ăƒȘă‚«ăƒăƒȘăƒŒă§ăă‚‹ăźă‹ă€‚ăă‚“ăȘăƒȘă‚«ăƒăƒȘăƒŒă™ă‚‹äœ“ćŠ›ăȘかったăȘăŁăŠæ€ă„ăŸă™ă€‚æœŹćœ“ă€ăă‚“ăȘăƒȘă‚«ăƒăƒȘăƒŒă™ă‚‹ăȘă‚‰æ„ć‘łăȘいăȘăŁăŠæ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸă—ăŸă€‚ă‚ă‹ă‚‰ăȘいです。ぐちゃぐちゃăȘăźă§ă€‚ă§ă‚‚æœŹćœ“ă«ă„ăŸă€æ˜ŒçŁšïŒˆćź‡é‡ŽïŒ‰ăŒă‚„ăŁăšæˆ»ăŁăŠăăŠăă‚ŒăŠæ­Łç›Žă†ă‚Œă—ă„ă§ă™ă€‚ćˆă‚ăŠăĄă‚ƒă‚“ăšèČ ă‘ăŸă‚“ă§ă€‚ă™ă”ăă†ă‚Œă—ă„ă‚“ă§ă™ă‚ˆă­ă€‚ă©ă†ă„ă†ă†ă‚Œă—ă•ă‹ăšă„ă†ăšé›Łă—ă„ă‚“ă§ă™ă‘ă©ă€‚ă§ă‚‚ăȘă‚“ă‹ă€ăĄă‚‡ăŁăšă»ăŁăšă—ăŠă„ăŸă™ă€‚

I made the mistake of popping the opening  Lutz and then I thought of many possibilities. About where I could make my recovery jump. But I don’t think I had the physical strength to make such a recovery. Really, I was thinking it’s meaningless even if I made that kind of recovery. So I’m not sure. I can’t sort out my thinking. But now Shoma is finally back on track and to be honest, I am happy about it. This is the first time that I lost to him properly. I’m very happy about it. It’s difficult to describe what kind of happiness that is. But somehow, I feel relieved.

â€•â€•ăƒ«ăƒƒăƒ„ăźć€±æ•—ăŻç–ČćŠŽăŒè¶łă«ăăŠă„ăŸă“ăšăŒćŽŸć› ă§ă—ă‚‡ă†ă‹

Is the exhaustion in your feet the reason for your mistake on the Lutz ?


Well…how can I say…what I thought about the image and..Hmm, whatever I say will sound like I’m making excuses for that mistake so I truly hate that. My honest feeling is that I don’t want to say anything. 


What was your feeling about the ice?

ć€§äžˆć€«ă ăŁăŸăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ă—ă€ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šă“ă†ă‚„ăŁăŠæœ€ćŸŒăŸă§ă€é›Łă—ă„ç’°ćąƒă ăŁăŸăšăŻæ€ă†ăźă§ă™ăŒă™ă”ăă„ă„æ°·ă§ă€äœœăŁăŠăă ă•ăŁăŸæ–čă€…ă«æ„ŸèŹă—ăŸă„ă§ă™ă€‚

It was okay, and I think it was a difficult situation until the end for me but the ice was in good condition, so I want to thank the people who maintain that ice rink.

――èČ ă‘ăŸçŸœç”Ÿéžæ‰‹ăŒă€ă€Œă»ăŁăšă—ăŠă„ă‚‹ă€ăšă„ă†ăźăŒèĄæ’ƒçš„ă§ă™ă€‚æ—„æœŹäșșéžæ‰‹ă«èȠけるぼはäč…ă€…ă ăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ăŒă€ăăźç‚čă«ă€ă„ăŠăŻă„ă‹ăŒă§ă™ă‹

 It is quite shocking for us to hear Hanyu, who has lost, say, “I am relieved.” It’s been a while since you’ve lost to a Japanese skater, how do you feel about it? 

æ˜ŒçŁšăŒă€ă‚‰ăă†ă«ă—ăŠă„ă‚‹ăźăŻăšăŁăšèŠ‹ăŠă„ăŠă€ăă‚ŒăŒă­ă€ă‚„ăŁăšèœăĄç€ă„ăŠăăŠă‚čă‚±ăƒŒăƒˆă«é›†äž­ă§ăăŠă„ă‚‹ăȘă€ăšă„ă†ăźă‚’æ€ă†ăšă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šă†ă‚Œă—ă„ă§ă™ă€‚ćŸŒèŒ©ăšă—ăŠă“ă‚Œă‹ă‚‰ă‚‚ćœŒă‚‰ă—ăé ‘ćŒ”ăŁăŠă»ă—ă„ă§ă™ă—ă€‚ćżƒă‹ă‚‰ćżœæŽă—ăŸă„ăȘăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ă€‚

I’ve been seeing Shoma struggling for a long time, but to see that he has finally settled down and can focus on skating makes me happy. I’d like him to keep working hard in his own way, as my junior. I want to cheer him on from the bottom of my heart.


You lost at the GPF and the Japanese Nationals, does that experience reduce the pressure on you?

ćˆ„ă«æ—„æœŹäșșă ă‹ă‚‰ăă‚ŒăŒă©ă†ă ăšă„ă†è©±ă§ăŻăȘăă€ç›žæ‰‹ăŒèȘ°ă ă‹ă‚‰ăšă„ă†è©±ă§ăŻăȘăă€ćžžă«ă€Œć‹ăĄăŸă„ăȘă€ăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ă“ăšăŻé–“é•ă„ăȘăă‚ă‚ŠăŸă™ă—ă€‚ă‚‚ăĄă‚ă‚“æœ€ć€§é™ăźă“ăšăŻă“ă“ă§ăŻă§ăăȘかったぼですが、でも惕ăȘă‚Šă«äž€ç”Ÿæ‡žć‘œăŻă‚„ăŁăŸăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă—ă€‚ćˆ„ă«ăƒ—ăƒŹăƒƒă‚·ăƒŁăƒŒă‹ă‚‰è§Łăæ”ŸăŸă‚ŒăŸèšłă§ăŻăȘいです。やっぱりè‡Ș戆ぼ侭でçąșć›șたるè‡ȘäżĄăšă‹ăƒ—ăƒ©ă‚€ăƒ‰ăżăŸă„ăȘă‚‚ăźăŻă‚ăŁăŠă€‚ă“ă‚Œă‹ă‚‰ăŸă¶ă‚“æ˜ŒçŁšăŒèƒžă‚’ćŒ”ăŁăŠă€Žć…šæ—„æœŹçŽ‹è€…ă€ăšèš€ăˆă‚‹ăšæ€ă†ăźă§ă€‚ă“ăšă—ăŻć‡șă‚‰ă‚ŒăŸă‹ă‚‰ă€ćƒ•ăŒă€‚ă ă‹ă‚‰ă€ăă†ă„ă†äž­ă§ăĄă‚‡ăŁăšèżœă„ă‹ă‘ăŠè„…ă‹ă—ăŠă‚„ă‚ă†ă‹ăȘăšæ€ă„ăŸă™ă€‚

It doesn’t matter that I lost to the Japanese skater or whom I lost to, I always think that I want to win no matter what. Of course I couldn’t do my best here, but I tried with all my might. So it’s not something like I was released from the pressure. I have a firm conviction in myself or something like pride in myself. I think Shoma can say that he is the “Japanese National Champion” proudly from now on. Because this year, I competed as well. So I think maybe I will chase him and threaten him a little from behind.


Were there any signs that things might not go well before FS?

èȘżæ•ŽăŒă†ăŸăă„かăȘかったです、ずっべ。è‡Ș戆ぼèș«äœ“ăŒă©ă‚“ă©ă‚“æ—„ă«æ—„ă«ćŠŁćŒ–ă—ăŠă„ăæ„Ÿă˜ăŻă‚ăŁăŠă€‚ă‚·ăƒ§ăƒŒăƒˆăźć‰ă‹ă‚‰ă€Œć€‰ă ăȘă€ăšăŻæ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸă‚“ă§ă™ă€‚ăă‚Œă§ă‚‚ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šă€ćƒ•ăŻæ”ăŸă‚ŒăŠă„ă‚‹ăźă§ă€è‰ČんăȘæ–čă«æ”ŻăˆăŠă‚‚ă‚‰ăŁăŠă€èș«äœ“ăźçŠ¶æ…‹ă‚‚ă„ăŸă§ăă‚‹æœ€é«˜ăźçŠ¶æ…‹ă«ă—ăŠă‚‚ă‚‰ăŁăŸă†ăˆă§ă“ă‚ŒăȘăźă§ă€‚æ­Łç›Žèš€ăŁăŠă€ćƒ•ăźćźŸćŠ›ăšæŠ€èĄ“ăŒè¶łă‚ŠăȘă‹ăŁăŸăšă„ă†æ„Ÿă˜ă§ă™ă‹ă­ă€‚ă§ă‚‚ă€æ­»ćŠ›ăŻć°œăă›ăŸăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ăŸă™ă€‚

The adjustment didn’t go well throughout. I felt like my body was getting worse day by day. I noticed something was strange even before the SP. But even so, I am privileged to receive support from many people and I adjusted my body condition to the best that it could be at that point, then it turned out like that. So to be honest, I think my skill and ability was not enough. But I think I gave it everything I had


――It seemed that you lost your concentration after you made a mistake, but what was the situation?

びっくりしちゃっど、è‡Șćˆ†ăźäž­ă§ă€‚ă€Œă‚ă‚ŒïŒŸă€ăŁăŠă€‚æ„ŸèŠšăšæœŹćœ“ă«äč–é›ąă—ăŠă„ăŸă‚“ă§ă™ă‚ˆă€‚ă„ăŸă‚‚äč–雹しおいるんですけど。è‡Șćˆ†ăźèš€ć‹•ăŒă©ă†ăȘăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ă‹ăŻăŁăă‚Šèš€ăŁăŠć…šç„¶ă‚ă‹ă‚‰ăȘă„ă€‚æ°—æŒăĄăšć–‹ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ă“ăšă‚‚ćˆ„ă€…ă«ăȘăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ăšă“ă‚ăŒć€šă€…ă‚ă‚‹ă—â€Šâ€Šă€‚ă§ă‚‚ă‚„ăŁă±ă‚Šă‚€ăƒĄăƒŒă‚žăšè‡Ș戆ぼèș«äœ“ăźă‚­ăƒŹăżăŸă„ăȘもぼは戆雱はしどいど、 äœ“ćŠ›ăźă‚ă‚‹ă†ăĄă€ă‚·ăƒ§ăƒŒăƒˆăšă‹ă ăŁăŸă‚‰ăȘんべかăȘăŁăŸăšæ€ă†ăźă§ă™ăŒă€ă©ă†ă—ă‚ˆă†ă‚‚ăȘいべころがć‡șăŠă—ăŸăŁăŸăźă‹ăȘăšă„ă†éąšă«ăŻæ€ă„ăŸă™ă€‚ă§ă‚‚ă€ăŻăŁăă‚Šèš€ăŁăŠă—ăŸăˆă°ç«¶æłłăźéžæ‰‹ăȘă‚“ă‹ăŻäœ•ăƒŹăƒŒă‚čもやるわけですし。憅ćźčは違うかもしれăȘă„ă‘ă©ă€‚ăă†ă„ă†ăźă«æŻ”ăčどみたら惕ăȘă‚“ă‹ïŒ•é€±é–“ă§ïŒ“ć›žă—ă‹è©Šćˆă—ăŠă„ăȘă„ă—ă€‚ăă‚Œă§ă“ăźăă‚‰ă„ăźäœ“ćŠ›ă—ă‹ăȘă„ăźă‹ăŁăŠă€‚æœŹćœ“ă«è‡Șćˆ†ăŒćŠ›äœżăŁăŠè·łă‚“ă˜ă‚ƒăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ă‚“ă ăȘăšă„ă†ăźăšă€ă‚‚ăŁăšćŠ›ă‚’æŠœă„ăŠè‡Șćˆ†ă‚‰ă—ă„ă„ă„ă‚žăƒŁăƒłăƒ—ăŒè·łăčă‚‹ă‚ˆă†ă«ă—ăȘいべいけăȘいăȘă€ăšă„ă†ăźă‚’ă„ăŸăŻè€ƒăˆć§‹ă‚ăŸă—ăŸă€‚è«Šă‚ăŠăŻă„ăȘă„ă§ă™ă€‚æœŹćœ“ă«ă€æœ€ćŸŒăŸă§æ­»ă«ç‰©ç‹‚ă„ă§ă‚„ăŁăŠă„ăŸă—ăŸă€‚ăă†ă˜ă‚ƒăȘきゃフăƒȘăƒƒăƒ—ïŒˆïŒ”ć›žè»ąăƒˆăƒŒăƒ«ăƒŒăƒ—â€•ă‚Șă‚€ăƒ©ăƒŒâ€•ïŒ“ć›žè»ąăƒ•ăƒȘăƒƒăƒ—ăźïŒ“ć›žè»ąăƒ•ăƒȘăƒƒăƒ—ïŒ‰è·łă°ăȘいです、あそこ。

I was surprised, in my mind. Like “What’s going on?”. It was really different from what I was feeling. And it still is now. I can’t tell at all what is happening to my behavior to be honest. There are many areas where my feelings and what I am talking about feel like they’ve become separate things. But still, what I had envisioned and the sharpness of my body’s reaction is different. Maybe it was manageable when I was doing the SP and had physical strength left, but there’s nothing I can do about it and it was all shown in my performance (in FS). But if I’ll be honest, for example, swimmers do many races. Though the circumstances might be different. If I compare with those swimmers, I only participated in 3 competitions within 5 weeks. Then I only have this much physical power left. So now I’ve begun to think that I really use so much power to do my jumps and I have to be able to do a good jump in my own style while saving more energy. I didn’t give up. I really fought till the end with everything I had left. If I hadn’t, I would not have done the 3F (4T-1Eu-3F instead of 3S) at that point.

Source: http://wasedasports.com/news/20191224_124725/

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